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2023-08-05 Cinquo de Augustoooo!! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

Stacey decided to invite people over without telling me. I told her I didn?t want a party, but it?s ok. Just 3 people besides my son and grandkids showed up, and they were close friends. But by the time they left i was toast and went to bed.
Thanks for running the meet, Kenny.
Edited the title. No idea if i can make this one. I will be on the road, then friday i have to try to be so tired that i fall asleep during an EEG. So we?ll see.
ah yes. Yall wanna do it in august or nah? I figure sept. for sure, catch folks frantically working on mountain meet prep (probably folks like me!)
I'm gonna post the info on the fb page, I'll be in the shop hopefully decapitating the 940.
bouta light it up early in the shop while I'm picking **** up and getting ready to pull the 940 in