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2023 EAST vs WEST Drag Timeslip Thread


Old and Slow
300+ Club
Mar 19, 2003
Denver, CO
Rules: (nicked from http://www.turbobricks.com/evw.php)
The "east vs. west" shootout is a Turbobricks tradition to help motivate the group by creating a friendly yet competitive event we could all participate in from our home towns. The goal is to lay down the fastest time you can and earn points for your side. Report the results of your efforts to track your times and grab bragging rights.

Recent winners have been:
2022 - East
2021 - West
2020 - Covid-19 won
2019 - West(Volvo Power)
2018 - West(Volvo Power), West(Naturally Aspriated), East(Engine Swaps)
2017 - West(Volvo Power) East(Hybrid).
2016 - West(Volvo power) East(Hybrid). I will break the tie. Because of some really fast times the overall win goes to East!
2015 - West

Links the last few competitions threads. There are more out there if you search.
2022 Thread
2021 Thread
2019 Thread
2018 Thread
2017 Thread
2016 Thread
2015 Thread

How The Competition Works:
Turbobricks members from each side (East Coast or West Coast) visit a track during the year and record their fastest 1/4 mile time. Submit your 1/4 mile time to the contest admin QWKSWEDE. The idea is to work on your cars performance and get to the track for testing and progress logging. Post your timestlip to score more points for your self and your team. I will keep your fastest time for the season. You can submit your timeslip in a post here in this thread. Please include a photo of the timeslip and a picture of your car at the track for maximum validity.

The points scheme is like this:
0 - 9.99 = 100
10.00 - 10.99 = 90
11.00 - 11.99 = 80
12.00 - 12.99 = 70
13.00 - 13.99 = 60
14.00 - 14.99 = 50
15.00 - 15.99 = 40
16.00 - 16.99 = 30
17.00 - 17.99 = 20
18.00+ = 10 participation points, everyone gets a ribbon.

Nobody has posted up a 100 point run yet. So get on with it. Pleeeez somebody run a sub 10 second 1/4 mile in a Volvo.

Each side is divided up into 3 classes of cars, Turbocharged, Normally Aspirated, or "Hybrid" - a non-Volvo powered Volvo. Essentially there are now 3 competitions running simultaneously per side. Each class is equally important since the final victory in that class holds 1/3
of your sides total wins.
At the end of each year all the points are tallied up for a final count in each vehicle class. The side with the majority of class wins is declared victorious and thus has the bragging rights for the next year.

The Split:
Please verify the side you are grouped in by state. The states are grouped as evenly as possible by member representation. The west gets Hawaii, the east gets Puerto Rico. If we have forgotten or over
looked any other represented US, Canadian, or Mexican governed land masses please let us know so we can assign it a side.

Countries outside of North America please send times. I can start tracking an international category if we get some participation.

Rules for Competitors:

  • Be mature, no cheating/bending rules, and no complaining. This is for fun. If you cheat, you're out.
  • Your time submission should include a photograph or video of your car and the score board reading your time. Also a time slip photo and or fellow member verification can be used if approved.
  • Any runs made must be in the current year.
  • 1 registered run per owner/vehicle combo, so send me the fastest run you have. That's the one I'll record. If you own 2 Volvos, I'd love to see the data collected for both.
  • If a vehicle is sold to either side, points remain until new owner beats the standing entry and the previous time and points are removed.
  • If a Driver moves sides, points remain until driver runs at new location and previous points are removed.
  • All runs must be made at an official timed 1/4 mile drag strip. Self timing, or non sanctioned timing devices are not allowed. Post 1/8 mile times if you must. I'll log them in a separate section and decide how to tally points if there is enough interest.

How to Submit a Time
Submitting a time is as simple as posting in this thread with a picture of your timeslip. If your points don't get tallied send me a PM. Sometimes I'm busy and get behind reading.

I need the following things from you for a verified submission:
  • Board Username
  • Car Model
  • Brief (A sentence or two) Description of your Vehicle
  • Location (East, West, or International) and Class (Turbo, N/A, or Hybrid)
  • A Scan of your timeslip, for verification purposes. Either circle your number on the slip, or (better!) include a photo of the car with the numbers on it.

So get wrenching and racing! I think we have some fast passes in the works this year. I know there are a couple running swap cars that didn't run last year.

---------------------------------- And without further ado, The Leaderboard -----------------------------
[*]times go here

[*]times go here
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Damaged Goods
300+ Club
Oct 13, 2008
NE Ohio
So you are saying that nobody submitted a time slip last year? Or is there a minimum amount of times slips that have to be submitted for a winner to be declared?


300+ Club
May 11, 2007
Can we do modifiers by trap speed? Some of our cars can’t launch lol


Old and Slow
300+ Club
Mar 19, 2003
Denver, CO
No that's the right place to post them. I think I was just having a problem with the new forum or something and didn't see pictures before.
I looked through there and honestly didn't see them last week. I'll do a recount.

If submitting it to the thread wasn't correct then I guess I'll have to submit again this year


Old and Slow
300+ Club
Mar 19, 2003
Denver, CO
I should be able to make some runs this year. I got a little distracted doing some road racing trips. But my car is still in a good state for a 12 second pass. I think an 11 is in it's heart. But I need some traction improvements for that mission I'm sure. 3 second 60' times just don't cut it at that speed.