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2024-01-06 2024 Party! virtual meet. 6pm East coast US.

I may not be around to manage it, should be at the lake that day. might set it to auto-start, and join a bit later.
good question. since it falls on the eve of major partying and general family/friend-ness, is this something we want to do the night before, ooooooooorr......?

lemme know fast, I'd like to try and advertise it a little more than just the normal 5 minutes head of time. (yes yes that's my fault, I know)
and what would we do without you?!

see this is kinda what I'm getting at. yall wanna skip a month and pick it back up in august?

Awww shucks. lol

I'm cool with picking up next month. Hopefully I can start the 740 up for you guys by then.