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240 exterior plastic trim


2-digit whp
May 25, 2020
North Texas
I have a few exterior plastic trim pieces for my 240 that I need to reattach: the left side strips which go along the bottom of the doors and fenders as well as the courtesy butt cheek covers. They currently have the old vhb adhesive stuck to the plastic and I'm trying to remove it in order to put fresh adhesive and reattach the trim pieces. Any advice on cleanly removing the old adhesive? Razor blade is too sharp and cuts into the plastic. I started to use goo gone, but I'm worried that the oil will soak into the plastic and prevent good adhesion with the new vhb.
I don't know if it's the best method, but I used a rubber eraser wheel for removing adhesive remnants. I wasn't careful in some spots and the wheel ate into the plastic a bit, so it's not forgiving like it would be on sheetmetal/body. Overall, it did work and I was able to remove all of the old adhesive. Get ready for a bit of a mess if you go this route.
The wheel just wants to abrade the plastic and make it all rough. Even if I do it at low speed. It's also going to be impossible to get at the small piece which goes on the front fender. I started peeling this stuff off the drivers side because the door piece was peeling and I thought I would just roll without the silly plastic pieces, but then I discovered the rear door and fenders have holes for them... Oof.
Kinda tedious, but I was able to get it. I just used a heat gun to get the piece warm and then used my thumb to roll the adhesive off. It seemed like the best method after trying everything else.