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240 240 suspension bushings

That tool kit looks pretty good for the DIYer... Does Harbor Freight have an equivalent for even cheaper?
will not work on trailing arm bushings. you can make a tool. I made one use it and then like a idiot sold it on ebay. I need one again. I purchased enough to make three tools but have not got too it. Going to get some things done after the 4th.
Thanks guys, it sounds like bringing them to the shop is probably the best solution.

Photoman, any interest in selling me one of the tools you're planning on making?
I spent $14 to build the tool. I couldn't find the 1/2" bolt I needed so I used a length of threaded rod that I already had with a lugnut welded on one end. Works well so long as you press the bushing out the correct way (it's slightly tapered on one side, so it only comes out in one direction).