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240 Turbo idle speed module interchange.


k-jet groupie
Jul 18, 2005
Brooksville/Tampa, FL
Hi, I may or may not need a new constant idle speed computer for my 245T. Regardless of whether it's the problem I'd like to have a spare.

These are not common at all anymore. My car came with part number 0 280 220 005. The problem is the only one I can find right now is PN 0 280 220 003 and I'm kinda short on time.

The only difference I see is that the one ending in 003 does not have pin 7 and 10 present. From the diagram it shows pin 7 being a loop wire from pin 1 and pin 10 being a test port. Is there any chance this module would work on my car that came with these two pins? Out of curiosity what was the 003 computer used on? Thanks.

Here is a picture of it.

They use different coolant temp sensors. The 003 control unit uses 1306024 (0 280 130 028) and the 005 control unit uses 1306937 (0 280 130 023).

The 003 control unit was used on '81 B21F and '81 B21FT manual trans only according to the greenbook.
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What @hiperfauto said. If you change the sensor out, it'll be fine, though. Otherwise, it'll seem to have a weird idle surge once warm. I had the opposite problem with my old '85 245Ti back in 2009. The B23FT I'd installed into the car had the earlier black plug sensor installed. Wiper motor gasket had failed and allowed water to drop into the control unit. Caused the car to either idle at 200 rpm or run at 3000 rpm randomly. Unfortunately, could not find a 1981 car to grab a replacement from at the time. So, I put the stock 005 control unit in place. Surging stopped, but the car would hang at about 1400 rpm for a couple seconds before dropping to idle after disengaging the clutch. Eventually found another 003 control unit and everything returned to normal.
Funny mine was literally doing the same thing where the idle would hang at 2500. I think my whole problem was a bad connection at the coolant temp sensor. Seems to be okay now.
Yeah, if the sensor is disconnected, it'll idle at anywhere between 2500 and 3200 rpm, since the control unit thinks that the temperature is -460 deg F.