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240 wagon C pillar trim install


Feb 27, 2005
I'm going to replace the C pillar trim on my 93 240 wagon. These are the pieces that go behind the rear doors and to the rear quarter windows. The old ones are broken to shreds, & the ones I'm putting in are nice used ones (but probably brittle from age). I'm nervous about breaking them on installation. They have to go under the thick front lip of the quarter window seal & up behind the headliner at the same time.
Anyone have any tips on putting these in??
Maybe something like soapy water to help the piece slide under the rubber lip on the rear quarter winder? I haven't ever had to replace that piece though....
No help from me but if they are black or blue they should be a bit tougher than the tan color ones.
The parts I have to put in are black, usually are less prone to breaking. The old tan ones came off in 30 pieces!