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242GT 1979 Group C Race Car

"....he will certainly be impaled by it." Made me chuckle. The old days of 'being impaled by the steering shaft' stem from old American iron that had a big, long one piece shaft that ran all the way from a recirculating gear/box down on the frame up into the steering wheel. Yup - that one would impale you. On the 240, you've got two u-joints (some V8'ers add a third) between the rack and the firewall that are designed to give before the shaft does anything harmful. The only way to get impaled in the 240, with or without the rubber filled intermediate shaft, is if the collision collapses the front of the car all the way to the firewall AND then keeps on deforming. In which case you've got way bigger problems than the short shaft from the firewall to the steering wheel. The rubber filled lower steering shaft is for NVH reduction, not safety. Lots of other vehicles use two solid shafts and a "rag joint" for NVH. Opinions vary I reckon.
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Easter Sunday and some much needed extra time so shouted her a full detail including paint cleanse and finished off with a good quality coat of carnauba wax.

Back in shed under car cover ready to go out to play over next couple of months


Just got back from Sydney for 2018 Muscle Car Masters and car performed faultlessly and I managed to better my previous best time by 6 seconds a lap at this track and am now competitive with a number of cars so can concentrate on improving my driving and general maintenance of car.

Car went very well in wet on Saturday and held its own in class in the dry Sunday races


Link to car returning to pits late in clip

Link to rolling start

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We raced at Morgan Park on the weekend and car ran faultlessly and knocked 4 seconds off PB. Nice to race close over many laps with a pack of 4 to 6 cars

Here is a link to over 500 photos from our category and I didnt get the air the Escort boys did.

There were also 2 other Volvos racing in other categories with a 164 and a 142 strutting their stuff.

Their photos will be in other categories photos.


Link to footage from an awesome car and a very accomplished driver from our first race on Sunday.

Our category covers Genuine cars with race history from Group C in 1970’s to Group A ending in 1992 so there is a massive speed differential.

Normally I expect to see such cars in my mirror late in race but unbeknowns to me he had trouble gridding up and started back of field so I was very surprised to find him in my mirror turn 3 lap 1. You get to see 242 Butt for first 20 seconds

Worth a watch to see most of the field getting picked up and a great view of track. He went last to fourth. Its a 1992 specification M3 built to race a Maccau and other events
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