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242GT 1979 Group C Race Car

Well we made the 2400km journey from Home to Baskerville raceway in Hobart Tasmania for the 2018 Baskerville Historics.

We had a good weekends racing with over an hours practice Thursday, Practice and Qualifying Friday and racing Saturday and Sunday.

We had a couple of minor issues but they got sorted and we raced on to complete all 5 races.

This event has a Sunday lunchtime gridwalk for public to get up close to cars so took the chance for couple of pictures








Oh and very very cool trophy

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M.H - For us it was drive 2000 kms to Melbourne and you catch the spirit of Tasmania to Devonport. Get on boat about 6pm and it sails overnight and arrives approx 12 hours later in Devonport Tasmania. They have a day and a night service and we chose night so we could sleep it.

The Ship in Melbourne


On the ramp on way in


Parked for the journey before heading to cabin


The cabin


And thankfully for us Bass Straight was pretty smooth and we could stomach a 6am coffee as we waited to get call to get off in Devonport

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After 39 years we took the car back to Bathurst to run last weekend

It was a big thrill for us to actually get it back to the track that wrote her a little chapter in history.

Car ran faultlessly all weekend and we had a couple of runs cut short with red flags but we got two good runs in on Sunday afternoon with some clear space from other cars to build on Saturdays runs.

All I can say is that Spencer Martin running 2.58sec laps in 1979 on Uniroyals was amazing. The track is 400 metres longer now so a 2.58 most likely equals a 3.02ish lap time and I am 7 seconds away from that at present but happy with progress towards that target..

My fastest lap of day was my last one at 3.09.01 and I progressed each outing. Still much to learn and best way to learn is many more laps so will have to get back there again.

Pictures from the event official photographer

















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We spent boxing day afternoon playing in the shed.

Pulled gearbox to fit new clutch as the old one was on its last legs with clutch plate almost down to rivots. It was just a standard Sachs Clutch and lasted 4 years which is very good given what we have asked of it

We went a bit fancier this time round

Also serviced the M46 whilst we had it out




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Keep an eye on the firewall. With the stiffer clutch, the firewall where the cable housing connects has a tendency to fatigue. The cable usually stretches and breaks before the cable gets ripped through the firewall though. If you have to adjust your clutch over and over, its a good idea that you order a new one....

Clutch engagement should be much more brutal with the five puck. Was too much for my DD, but should be fine for your race car.
We got the car back together yesterday after shouting it a little more work to the head and like the way the clutch feels.

The company that did it does their own modified version and they say it falls between a full on button clutch and the standard clutch for feel and I can vouch for that. Mid point be best description

The aftermarket electric fan we have on is way too small and is struggling to cope when we come in after the races and get stuck in traffic or are delayed returning to pits.

I have sourced an 850 fan and intend to slot it into a 740 T fan shroud part number 1317338 and we will run it on high speed. We already have fan switched manually as we had a thermo switch fail. I like the 740 shroud as it mounts straight to 240 radiator using standard mounts

Now to find that 1317338 shroud - Shroud sorted
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I have sourced an 850 fan

There have been many people that use the 940 fan with integrated shroud. The shroud is wider, but seems to be pretty simple to cut down and bond back together. There is also a nice relay controller that goes with it.