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700/900 Wagon (Rear) Grounding Locations


Jun 26, 2020
Colorado USA
Have an 740 wagon and cannot find where the grounding points are for everything in the rear of the car. Diagrams I've looked at show grounds on the pillars somewhere but...
Thanks, any info is helpful
I see the rear tail lights are grounded right there at that corner pillar. What else is in your rear?

Other then that, if it's part of the metal car, that is a ground...
Hi, thank you. I suppose I was expecting a plate like the inner fenders with multiple male spade connectors.

Yeah I have my tank fuel pump bolted down somewhere in the storage area for ground. I was mainly wanting to clean up the grounds before putting the rear most pillar trim back on. I was thinking things like cargo, plate lights and fuel sender.

I just looked at the taillight grounds and yes it looks like there is one wire to a bolt. I assume this is for all bulbs in the taillight sharing?