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77 245 Rebuild


New member
Jan 16, 2020
Well after about a year and a half of sitting I've decided its time to fix/rebuild my wagon. Hopefully I can use this thread for help, ideas, and sourcing parts when the time comes to do so. This will probably take a couple of months at minimum and right now I'm just in the pricing/ideas portion of it. If you guys see anything on my list that you could help with please let me know!

Need to do:
-Replace Radiator Support
Got damaged while towing the car from AK to VA the Yukon wasn't very friendly to it.
-Repair Dash Harness
Previous owner ripped the harness apart to bypass the headlight switch and made it a toggle.
-Fuel Tank
-Hood Hinges

Want to do:
-K-Jet to another fuel system
The K-Jet can be an awesome fuel system however with all the sitting this thing has done it definitely needs more work then its worth.
-M46 Shifter
Last owner snapped the entire shifter off. I replaced it with one from ETSY for a different vehicle.
-Rust Repair
Decent size rust holes around the spare tire spots.

Some say I should just let this thing die but I feel like its got a lot of life left in it and its already made it this far. Oh and Happy New Years!