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8.8 lsd not locking


The Beloved Oarnge Juice
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Aug 19, 2009
Hey guys, thought I would run this here before I signed up on a Ford forum. As most of you know I installed an 8.8 in my 940. Put new gears and installed a Kevlar clutch kit for a Mustang as part of the rebuild.

upon install, diff was locked up with car jacked up in the air. Drove car 1500 miles before my motor blew and now the car is back on the stands. While in the shop, I installed an ebrake setup finally, and was dialing in the cables. Well, with one wheel locked up, I can over power the clutches and spin the pinion with just the wheel studs on the one axle.

Initally, I ran generic walmart lube with lsd additive, after about 500 miles, I drained it out and put Mobile1 in with lsd treatment.

Could this be just from the car sitting for so long the clutches need to be worked again? Mobile1 to slippery?

Well, ramping torque is wheel torque. They give a roll over torque spec with pinion locked for the Volvo LSD. It's pretty low, as is my trueno( much lighter car with stock LSD rebuilt per Toyota book).

You can set them up with shims or thicker Steels or however they shim yours for more preload. But I'd describe that as normal. With pinionfixed, they say 50-150fbs to break it loose iirx. That will hugely increase as soon as any engine torque turns it.
Cool, Ill get the motor/tranny/driveline back in and use my tq wrench to see whats up.....then Ill try it again after driving a little.

The 8.8 uses an S shaped spring to tension the diff. Kind of a pita to install.
Wierd. I don't know modern American cars and don't want to I confess.

You probably should ask those folks. The supra and corolla LSD have held up fine for me for a lot with stock parts carefully checked and reassembled or replaced. I don't know if your oil, material or parts list a break away torque setting and under what condition s exactly. Given its got a spring thing, I'd guess low preload and break away torque would be expected.

If one had one wheel on ice and one on perfect pavement or car nearly on 2 wheels with odd articulation more preload or a locked axle might be desired. Otherwise, some slip and a 2 way ramp makes for not a whole lot of slip on accel or decel in most uses, and the slip isn't such a bad thing.

Cool. I used the supra LSD in the 86 4runner sr5 wiith LSD/lockable center diff. I thought it was very pleasant for street and light off road use. I'm lazy and like reliably slow and no fuss tho. So it definitely had auto lock hubs,and could be lazily driven in 4wd or...not...seamless and very lazy.

I set the Volvo up at closer to 150lbs. Drove well there. Could be autoxed, didnt have a ton of power or real wide sticky tires. Do you intend to dd it in the winter/rain? If yes, I wouldn't even sweat it till spring if your close to 20lbs only.
I installed a full new kit for the Cobra. Ebay tho, not sure of the brand, I could search back and find out.

I could drain the fluid and not put in the lsd stuff. I've read that the lube makes the clutches more slippery and without it feels harsh. Couldn't hurt to try.