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850 T5 TTV 765 Flywheel - Spacer?


New member
Nov 19, 2023
Hello together,
so I have a 850 T5 with a M56 Gearbox and swapped the flywheel for the TTV one with the Sachs 765 pressure plate and 850R- friction plate.
After pulling it out two times, I hope that one of you can give me some advice.

It just doesn't disengage correctly. I thought, that because the flywheel is made for that pressure plate there is no need for spacers or a longer slaverod?
Apperently there is - what has to be spaced for how much?

I searched but I didn't found a reliable answer.
I would really appreciate some help.
Is that friction disc the correct thickness for that pressure plate?

I don't know anything about this combination of parts, but I do know a little about cobbling together clutches and flywheels et al.
The friction plate should be the correct thickness.
The 765 pressure plate is for 9.4mm plates, the flywheel has a 1mm step, the r-plate has 8.4mm

okoye - Am I wrong that you could do the pivot ball OR a longer push rod on the m90?
Yes you could do either the pivot ball or a longer push rod on the m90. The pivot ball is the easier method as you simply unscrew and then put about 5mm of washers underneath it. For the push rod if memory serves correct it should be lengthened 20mm.