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93 240 classic wagon- T+ or not


Feb 27, 2005
Does a 93 240 Classic wagon have enough value in stock form not to + Turbo one? I have a chance to buy one, 143k mi, not rusty, but needs work. The tan interior is a mess, the hood needs replacing & it just needs a good basic going through. I would put a 15g turbo & related parts, & change the interior to black (the car is the blue/green color) & it doesn't come with the classic wheels. Opinions?
Check KBB.com for valuation, I thoroughly enjoy my turbocharged car, even though it may detract from it's collector value. Perfect condition Hagerty valuation on my car is ~$9,000 but it will never be that perfect so I don't sweat it.
Mine's on the 10 year cycle (so far).

Well, longer than that, someone else put the stock 940T drivetrain in it before I got it. That was done so nicely it probably didn't hurt the value:

Might have even helped it. I bought it with 115K miles, though. Most of the $$$$$ money on eBay goes to cars with abnormally low miles. Under 100K for sure. Under 50K and the chum's in the water. Under 20K and people are wildin out. Well, the cars generally have to be ultra clean, straight, and OEM to get the top money.
I say do a clean +T. Make it reliable and serviceable, no shortcuts.
Mine is +T since 2009 and i've been very happy with the performance and reliability. Just some small things to improve still, the details are the hardest to get right.
You are already changing it so OE doesn't matter. It will have the wrong color interior, wrong wheels and replaced body part. So go for it , change the interior and the turbo and it may appeal to someone. But before you sell it sell me the wood trim real cheap.:-D