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'95 960 goes T5

why did you decide to use the modified 960 intake manifold?

I thought it would be easier... bolt on throttle body, IAC. With the ME manifold I have to make adapter and all sort of custom stuff... which I'm going to do because the 960 manifold is rubbish. Lesson learnt.. :grrr:
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Don't quote me on that, but probably I was the 4th one who got it?
I got the beta version, because it had some sync issues (car only starts for the 2nd try, but it does that instantly). I received an upgraded bin from Aaron few days ago, but haven't had the chance to try that.

I told you that I would be bugging you. Anyway, am i to understand from this that you've started and ran this thing with COP?
Like I said on VS, contact TMM9, on VS

M.4.4 COP is a viable setup.

I'm using it to run GM LS2 coil packs.

I told you that I would be bugging you. Anyway, am i to understand from this that you've started and ran this thing with COP?

Like I said on VS, contact TMM9, on VS

M.4.4 COP is a viable setup.
I'm using it to run GM LS2 coil packs.

that is the direction You should face.
Don't know which is the newest version... my car is down since october (?), but that version was pretttty good.
I'll just leave this here...

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4mAF4066_uc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Holy shiznit?! Launch control?!?
Im doing a similar build into my 240, same M4.4 file mentioned earlier... But Launch control?! :D
Who do I have to ask about that?
A looong overdue update...

Last November I bought a 1041 axle because of its G80. Plan was to swap it in and be happy with it until I figure out the MK1 IRS swap.

See? G80, wohoo...

Sourced a V6 frot swaybar as well. At that time the car had none at front.. not like it has one now... :roll:

In 1 day's worth of job I could've transformed the handling/fun factor. Open diff and spongy, swaybar-less front end was a bit disappointing. But nooooo.

Friend came along and told me to do the IRS swap instead of the G80 install.... we had all the parts, so "yeah, why not", I answered. :grrr:
Everything went downhill... spoiler alert, car hasn't been finished, yet! :roll:

Let me tell you, it is not a simple swap. First of all, the 940 wagons don't have the mounting points for the subframe on the rail... Lots of cutting involved... amd the trunk area is different from the sedan's trunk... Sedans are easier.

The panhard mounting "plate" has to come off completely... if You are lazy and cut only the driver's side part, the exhaust won't fit on the pass. side. And it is NOT fun to cut it out after everything had been assembled. Ask me how I know..

The subframe has 4 mounting points.
- the fronts are the ones with the spring seats, these are easy, 1 bolt (out of 4?) is present on the rail, bolt and weld around the bracket.
- the rears are those ones in front. They tie on the subframe and support from below... sorta... difficult to explain, look under a irs car and You will get it.

Again for the rear brackets there is only 1 hole (out of 3) on the rail. Worry not, drill and some bolts and be done. Or not. The middle bolt goes trough the subframe mouting point. So I drilled a hole for it. Went to the trunk to find "the other end". There are service holes on the rails, but not for the middle bolt. And since it is a wagon, the floor is different. There is no access for the middle bolt. Grrreat.

This is the "setup":
see the two service holes? Those are great!

Same from the trunk area, driver side:

Pass. side: (dying phone... sorry)

So, I have no access for the middle bolt, I can't weld a nut on the rail, cant put a nut onto the bolt or anything like that. I have to cut open the rail/floor to gain access.
I "think" I could live without that 3rd bolt... but I'm not happy about it... but don't want to hack up the body anymore either.... :grrr:

Oh yeah, the best part!! 1041 G80 doesn't work in the 1055(?) MK1 IRS. The halfshafts were wobbling around in the diff. This discovery was a bit demotivational...
Found a G80 that fits, Greg modded it

Next problem was the driveshaft. The flange was different on the MK1 housing. Thank volvogod, the driveshaft is 2 piece and after bit of yellin and hammering can be seperated. I used the back half of the donor car's driveshaft. Plug and play.

Everything went together... and by everything I DON'T mean the f*cking exhaust because it doesn't fit anymore... :grrr: And the damn trailing arms - shocks - springs are still giving me nightmares. Those were really PITA to install.
Didn't care, did some burnouts. Easy peasy... because my rear brakes doesn't seem to work... :roll:

Had about 3 degrees toe-out. WTF? Both toe arms were bent identically. Don't know when and how did that happen.... bent it back, car goes straight again.
Constant 12 or richer AFR. Thought it is a broken o2 sensor. Replaced it, still not good. Have to check the wiring.
During an ECU flash, one coil pack burnt down. Smoke and everything... car still smells like melted plastic.

Loud exhaust, faulty rear brakes, waay to rich mixture... I can't drive it on public roads. Lost a bit of motivation to be honest...

And in the meantime I bought a new (to me) DD:
2006 Alfa Romeo 159
2.4 5 cylinder diesel, auto tranny. Perfect daily driver for me.
It has pretty stiff suspension, 18" wheels with 235 tyres, 330mm 4 pot front brakes. Despite the heavy engine (heavier then the V6 petrol!) it corners pretty well. Pretty fun car to be honest.
It is fully loaded minus the moonroof, and Ti package (sport seats, black headlining, 19" wheels and lowering.. basically). Has waaaay too many gizmos to go wrong... :D



I don't have any pics of the interior.... :-(
looks the same, but black not tan and auto, not manual :)

So, the 940 is driveable, but neither safe nor quiet :D I'll get back to it soon. Not much left to finish.


On the road again!
-Has brakes
-Has alignment
-Has exhaust: 3" from turbo to IRS, stock over-axle section and a stock 960 back box. Very civilized setup, no drone, quiet, but has a really nice 5 cylinder sound... no, haven't made a video, yet.

Tune is still mess. Ostrich install is in progress, received the Ostrich unit today.
Than I have to think about suspension updates, cut springs on unknown shocks are not so sporty. And body roll is a bitch. Haven't installed the V6 front swaybar, yet. And the tired nivomats in the back which are from a sedan should also land in the bin soon.

But it works. And heaps on fun, even on wastegate pressure.
G80 works well :cool:
M90 doesn't. :roll:
I believe the rod is waaay too short to disengage fully the clutch. That is an easy fix.
Putting it into 3rd is a challenge. On downshifts with revmatch it is pretty good, but upshifts are real struggle. You have to "wobble" left-right the stick to put it in 3rd. Rest is fine. Might screwed up something during the synchro welding.. dunno :grrr:

But finally, it works, drive-able, heaps on fun, even on wastegate pressure, makes all the right noises and I suddenly forgot all the pain it had been giving me over the last 1.5 years. ;-)
That 159 is absolute sex on wheels :omg: wagon is okay too ;)

Seriously though, I'd love to get my hands on a big Alfa or a Citroen C6. American import laws suck however...
Yay, running on Ostrich! Thanks, Greg!

put the spare 850 ecu box in the 940, so the ecu & ostrich feels more comfortable.
And made a new intake pipe as well. Had been using the oem 850 intake pipe for too long..
This really is a bad habit...

And now waiting for a non-volvo transplant...


anyone looking for a Ostrich converted Motronic 4.4 with individual COP control, let me know.
Hi narancs, have you thought about swapping original m90 trans for something stronger?
I?m about to try T5 engine swap instead of b230fk to wagoon, and change diff 1031 for 1041. Clutch is next question, but the most important for me is to know if m90 is able to make hundreds of thousands on this engine..what do you think?

Thanks for answering
And now waiting for a non-volvo transplant...

So, that didn't happen. Spoiler alert, 945 went to Volvo heaven, but things had happened before that.

Things were looking good for a while, bought some stuff:
GAZ coilovers from classicswede. Remember this car received a MK1 IRS rearend, and at time I believe there was no rear coilover option.. so I bought the one made for the live axle.
VEMS was also acquired

Desinged mounts for the rear coilovers, similar to what Kaplhenke sells

Installed everything

Sitting pretty, without an engine

Ditched the idea of a off-brand engine, so bought an early T6, BMW GS6 transmission and custom clutch setup


Turbo is a HX40W off of a Volvo truck. Waaaaaaaay too big. Kind of stopped at this point, was sitting like this for a while.

Than it sat like this for a while

For some reason I thought buying another 960 is a good idea... I'm sure I had my reasons... but still don't know why I didn't just finish the 945.
Anyway, 965 here it comes.

Still had plans to turn the 945 to a dedicated track car while keeping the 965 mostly stock as a DD. I had to realize that wouldn't work, so, 945 went bye-bye :( Obviously saved the coilovers and the MK1 irs.

This brings the journey up to date until about mid of 2020. Lots of stuff happened with the 965, will update later.