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aftermarket 240 lower control arms


Feb 27, 2005
A friend has a 93 240 & the front lower control arms are rusting out. Any feedback out there on the aftermarket control arms on the market? Are they a good choice, or is it better to find a pair of OE rust free ones?
I thought the one I bought from FCP a few years ago was of fine quality. Enough that next time I'm doing control arm bushings I'll might just order 2 new arms...

Tasca has OEM for $140 each, FYI. Meyles are $75 from FCP.
I’ve used the cheap FCP ones on multiple vehicles without any issues. The bushings seem to be holding up just fine. Can’t speak to the quality of the coatings, as I don’t live in the rust belt.
I've got a set of the FCP's not yet installed in the 242. Intentions to stitch weld on the Yoshifab plate kit for stiffness. From appearances they seem fine.