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b200ft for drifting?


New member
Jan 14, 2007
hi all im new here,and was just wondering can anyone help i live in ireland and was looking for a 740 with a 2.3 turbo engine to go drifting,but i was finding it very hard to get get one so i came acroos a 740 with a straight 2 liter engine and said id buy it and start getting it ready striping it and all the rest and hopefully pick an engine up down the road,now the car is ready but i still cant find a b230ft engine but i can get a b200ft for handy money,but i was just wondering would this engine bo ok with a few budget mods?any help would be great.
yeah itll be ok , just down on torque compared to the 2.3 .

they can tuned just as well as the B230ft - there is a chap in ireland , who could probably help out .