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B230FT Block Coolant Drain Oil Cooler Pipe Removal


Well-known member
Oct 25, 2008
Oxnard, SoCal
What is the correct tool to use to unscrew the pipe nut from the block drain on the late 940 Turbo motor? Is it a Crowfoot 21mm, may be a 21 Pipe Crowfoot? The fitting is very obstructed by the coolant pipe and the bell housing flange and I was not able to get a good grip on it with adjustable wrench even after removing the down pipe and the oil filter.
Trying to unscrew Pipe #12 from Fitting #13:

7/8 (22mm) open end wrench worked. Crowfoot would probably be ideal for this task because the wrench was only fitting at an angle and marred the pipe nut a little.