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BMW 6-speed box users: What are your impressions?

This may be the most logical thing I’ve heard from you in months :-P

Also, the TTV quality is amazing for what it costs.
Agreed, installed a few of those flywheels and very satisfied with the quality.
Did magnetic NDE on an abused TTV flywheel that looked like it had gone to hell and back and no cracks to be found.

Re the gearbox, in a stock BMW I like them, never drove a car which had it swapped.
Excellent. Aside from a 3-axle gearbox on a non-dual mass flywheel rattle noise at idle (I had the same in my '69 Camaro when I swapped in a T56, and Cam has it with the M90 in his 940) and maybe some coast down, it's as factory. Shifts great. Clutch we chose is a bit heavy but I've been over that and it's not a gearbox problem. The clutch and flywheel are where the struggle is with this swap, especially if you don't want sinterlamell.

Gear ratios are aggressive with the -DZ variant. 1st is pretty useless with the 3.73s the car has now, we have a set of 3.31s, they're on the "later" list. 3.15s would be very good.

Fit in the tunnel of a 240 is EXCELLENT. It's easier to put this 'box in than an M47, no joke. Except weight maybe. We did have to have the front shaft shortened 20mm, $80.

If you have the means, I highly recommend it. It's so choice.

Do you have specific questions?
Did you use the Classic Swede box with the bellhousing pre-attached?

What did you do for a shifter?
Did you use the Classic Swede box with the bellhousing pre-attached?

What did you do for a shifter?
We bought everything we could from MKM Motorsports in Sweden, including the transmission, clutch disc, clutch pedal, crossmember and mountings, and shifter. A BMW 135i shifter link (between the shift lever and selector rod) landed the shift lever very nicely in the passenger's compartment.