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Bronze washer vs copper ?


New member
Oct 11, 2017
Stupid question.

Can I use bronze washers in place of copper for oil feed on a banjo fitting.

I know bronze is mainly copper but it's harder so I'm just not sure.
The soft copper is the whole point of using such a washer to seal. When they become hard from loosening and tightening repeatedly they loose their sealing capability and have to be annealed back to a soft condition.
FYI, if you don't want to wait for an online order and if you have a Grainger branch near you, you can order a bag of 25+ Cu washers in whatever size you choose and pickup in store next day.
150Pcs 8 Sizes Copper Metric Sealing Washers Assortment Set $14.99

Auto parts store should have an assortment of copper crush washers.
Also, hydraulic hose shops. They have copper, aluminum, and steel washers with a nitrile seal on them (and these are amazing, and everyone should be using them).
Auto parts store should have an assortment of copper crush washers.
The autozone / advance auto parts are not particularly well stocked. I think I paid $6.99 for an assortment of (over-priced) washers of various material. None of them were quite right for my drain plug, so I waited for an order to arrive from FCP and used one that cost 60 cents? and fit. Returned the $7 assortment.

Recently I needed a crush washer for a C30 drain plug, went to the dealer...parts guy gave me ~8 of them for free. :nod: