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CAM Steering Rack (Nut?)


Jun 26, 2020
Colorado USA

I have an older JY CAM steering rack on my 740 that’s on the way out/already done as both DS and PS ends (where dust boots go on) are spontaneously leaking like wild.

Anyway, just curious about a part on the PS (right) on the end of the housing that looks like a slotted nut maybe but seems to spin to no end? Diagrams and part kits don’t seem to have this but maybe I’m missing something.

edit: maybe coincidence but just to note; found leak on PS, messed with the nut thing turning CW, then few days later DS rack end leaked out 1/2 the reservoirs fluid.

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That seems like the steering rack balance adjustment. It's an adjustment that balances the rack boost. It should have a dust cover over it if I recall correctly.
Hey, thank you so much dl242gt

Thank probably explains why the leak changed sides to DS *and likely causing a little left pull now*

And yes the dust boot covers the nut as you said.

Thank you much

…I’ll post back with any info on if adding PS stop leak has any effect after I drained the Type F. Going to use Redline Type F after PS fluid leaks out. And turn that nut 10 times or so CCW.
So far so good with the Fram PS fluid + stop leak in (was on sale, not sure on compatibility though). Haven’t driven much but after several days the reservoir is still at max level.

Was thinking to find a larger pulley to put on the PS pump if anyone has any ideas on that? Hopefully I can just find a good used rack instead of all that.