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Cameron's IPD/RSI 16v Turbo 240 Wagon Project

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Dec 6, 2006
Crawling around under the car
So first the boring history of my wagon.
  • Built in 1980
  • Someone drove it around a bunch
  • A bunch of other stuff happened
  • It got a paint job to the current crappy black paint job in 1997 (according to the receipt w/ the records)
  • My brother-in-law bought it back in 2002(?) - did some basic upgrades on it
  • In November of 2005 I got it in a sale/trade of my '96 855 to said brother-in-law

So at that point it looked mostly like this:

Not a bad start! Originally I just had minor aspirations for the wagon. Maybe lower it, put some nice wheels on it, etc. Just a fun cruiser. Shortly thereafter, I started working at iPd. Needless to say being surrounded by Volvo stuff 40+ hours/week changed my plans very quickly. So over the next 3 years my wagon has undergone some major changes, with the newest part of the insanity just beginning. More on that later.

Details are boring and you don't care about boring so here's a quick and dirty of the mods done.
  • iPd Sway Bars
  • iPd Adjustable Torque Rods and Panhard Rod
  • Volvo/BBS Propus wheels
  • Converted dash from early style to later 81+ dash
  • New interior (seats/door panels)
  • Kaplhenke Coilover Kit with shortened front tubes - more on that here
  • S60R front brakes - click on the coilover link right above this for that too
  • Flathood/single round conversion - more on that here

At some point I also figured I'd see how "easily" I could turbo the car without changing out any of the stock fuel injection stuff. Worked out pretty OK and ended up looking like this:

Ugly but functional :-P

So that's all the boring stuff about the chassis, etc. Now onto the real project which will be dominating this thread (especially over the next few weeks).

The old craptacular B21 I turboed was OK, but I wanted more. So what to do? I decided to build up a real turbo motor. So I put together some plans for a 2.3 liter 16v turbo motor for my humble little wagon :oogle:

So with this in mind I worked with Jonathan @ RSI to work up some specs and a parts list that looked like this:
  • RSI H-Beam Rods
  • RSI Rollerwave 16v Pistons
  • RSI 16v Stainless Header
  • Cometic HG
  • RSI Getrag Adapter Kit

Got the pistons/rods from Jonathan and they look like this:



Then the block/crank/rods/pistons went to the machine shop (Eastco Machine here in Portland). Crank was ground .010" and rotating assembly was balanced. When I got the block back from the machine shop I spent some time cleaning up/evening out the exterior in preparation for painting the block -- clear.



At this point all the pieces went over to Jonathan/RSI for blueprinting and basic bottom end assembly. RSI installed crank/rods/pistons and BMW squirters. At which point I picked up the block to finish assembly.

While the pieces were at RSI I started prepping the wagon for the new engine. See sequence of events below:



Using my devil eyes to stare the B21 into submission



Painted the new empty engine bay:


New engine on the stand (where it currently sits) awaiting some more cool parts and waiting for the head to come back from the machine shop.






My dogs are super interested in the whole process:

*Disclaimer: my dogs could care less about my new motor, in reality they're looking at a squirrel out the front window

So that's my long winded first post on this project :) More to come as I progress on this over the next few weeks. Still waiting on my RSI header, my 16v head back from the machine shop and some additional super rad parts for the engine from a friend in Norway. Once that happens I'll finally decide what turbo I want to run, what clutch I want to run with the Getrag 265 I picked up and actually put it in the car.
More pictures and stuff here: http://www.ipdusa.com/tm-7
wow dude this is seriously impressive! i wanna be there when the engine drops in, can i come look ? :)
You guys still sell parts for the older 2XX cars?


Nice project. You should have kept the quad rounds. :-(

What are your power goals? Details on the head/cam/valvetrain?

Ideally I'd like to produce 100hp/cylinder but that'll take some time and likely some revisions once it's running/tuned -- we'll see. For now the head/cams/valvetrain will be stock B234. Valve job/new lifters/etc. but stock cams and stuff. Down the road I want to put together another head for it (solid lifters/stiffer springs/cams/etc). At that time I'd really like to work up a variable length runner intake manifold too but it just seemed silly to me to go crazy on the head before I even get the thing running. For now I want to get it running and broken in.

wow dude this is seriously impressive! i wanna be there when the engine drops in, can i come look ? :)

That could probably be arranged. :)
nice. 245.
Thanks! :)
is that sum kinda windage tray? where you get that ****?

its a crank scraper...the portland guys are crazy about them, I lost the link to them though. like $50-70 for one I think.

Yup - I forgot I left that detail out - Ishihara Johnson crank scraper.

I may be drunk right now but I Know what hot sex in a car looks like.

your car makes me....
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