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Can I use 2 "right" side engine mounts?


Feb 22, 2010
Portland, OR
I'm switching to diesel mounts on my 93' 240, but can only find the "right" side in stock at my preferred vendor. Can I use two rights? I don't see any obvious geometry differences. Some aftermarket mounts don't even bother specifying "right" and "left".
That's what I'm seeing as well. And in the places where stock mounts are listed as only one part number, it seems to cross reference to the Volvo PN for the right side only, even though that isn't specified on the buy page.
Just installed Yoshifab HD engine mounts yesterday on a 245. Drilled out the left side upper and lower mount pin holes and everything bolted up fine.
No issues. Huge improvement.
Yoshifab P/N 096_VOLTZ7JY44