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Canadian 1984 244 DL B21A/B6304 project log.

It's been a stressful week, but I've managed to get some stuff done. My stepdad passed away last saturday, and while I'd like to say it was sudden and he didn't suffer...yeah :(. He had been sick for a long time, and ended up passing due to sepsis from an infection around one of his pacemaker leads. He was 85 but it's never easy, especially since he had been a part of my life since 1984. RIP Franz Winterwerb.

I spent a few days at my mom's place, then came home and went right to work. I needed to de-stress and well...engine swaps are autopilot now.

Engine's out:

Steering shaft is in (this was more frustration than I expected, but that's a 'me' issue, not a quality one):

I posted the engine (minus carbs and intake) for sale immediately after it's removal...and it was bought within 4 hours. Deposit sent and balance on saturday morning when they pick it up. These funds SHOULD go towards all the LS parts I bought over the past few months...but...temptation exists.
I effing hate removing pedal clusters. The master and modified clutch pedal is in, and every muscle on the upper part of my body is cramping and sore. That stupid long bolt goes in and out just fine in the 'cable clutch' location...but I just could not get it back into the cluster with the 'hydro clutch' location. I gave up and pulled the whole thing and now I hate life.

I did get some more TOB shims from summit racing today though, so that's good. Once I get the proper spacing I can actually connect the trans and engine and maybe think about dropping it in. Probably won't happen for a couple weeks though, we're going on a much-needed cottage vacation. I really need to get away, so the car will sit.
Weird. Last time I did it, it only took like half an hour and ended up with only minor lascerations...
After getting it all installed...I realized I need to install a pedal stop to ensure the hydro TOB doesn't blurp fluid by being over-pressured. I'm either going to weld something to the pedal itself, in-situ, or mount something off the firewall like the one on the 240Turbo.com site.

I will NEVER pull that cluster again, lol.
I wanted to get the engine and trans together before vacation...and mission accomplished. I now have an LR4 4.8 attached to a Ford WC T5, using a '621' reproduction GM bellhousing and a Hot Rod Works muncie-to-Ford pattern adapter. There's a Howe GM hydraulic TOB in there (the Hot Rod Works kit recommends a GM bearing retainer that's cut down a bit, so I bought it from them too) on quite a few shims, but it'll be fine. Thanks to the large fork hole I was able to check the bearing clearance once it was all together too.



I used this tool from Speedway to set up the bearing, and it's great. I am not a precise person, and I do NOT like working in freedom units, so this made it easy.



About a million Foxbody GTs have proven that this box will be fine for my use. If (when) it blows, I'll just get a stronger replacement for cheap :). The best part is that any replacement box with a Ford T5 pattern will fit this adapter, so I have quite a few options if I wish. I'm really hoping that the STS mounts allow me to set the engine/box in the same spot as the 4cyl so I could re-use my current one-piece DS, but if not...ah well.

While on vacation...something happened to my back. Since Aug 30, I have been in constant, crippling pain. I can't sleep, I can't stand, I can't sit, without agony. For the moment, while they try to figure out what is wrong with me, I consume Tylenol 3s at a rapid rate. My daily cocktail of pain killers consists of at least 8 Robax Platinums, 2-4 Tylenol 3s, and any random acetaminophen that wanders by. I sleep in a recliner because laying in bed offers no relief, and getting to a standing position in order to use the bathroom is some of the worst pain.

So yeah...I want to put the engine in, but now I have no idea when it will happen :(.
Time for some physio! I have been through this a couple times with my elbow, shoulder and neck and I found the longer you avoid proper treatment the longer it takes to heal (If you heal at all). Wishing you the best and a smooth recovery!
Back pain sucks, a failed blob jump (one of those bags that can shoot a person) landed me in the same ordeal. Hot morning showers and careful movement made it go away within a few months, mornings are the worst when you get going, melatonin helped with the sleep. Hopefully you'll be able to recover soon!
I've dealt with back problems for years being tall and having to bend over under a hoist for the last 16 years. It has taken its toll. I've been modified light duty for the last 2 years and that didn't help it. The only thing that ever made my back feel good, once it started hurting, was going to the gym daily.

Hope you can get through the initial pain and figure out the problem. Then go from there. It sucks and it is so slow.

Good news everyone! It's a spinal infection and I'm going to be in the hospital for a while :(.

Good grief! Hoping for a speedy recovery. Much better to have a diagnosis and a plan than doing the American thing and trying to live with it until the day you croak.

Glass half-full, right?
Geez well that was an unexpected diagnosis! I know not car related but I'm curious how they determined it? Did you get a spinal tap? What is the prognosis? Any idea how that happens (so I can avoid)? So many questions. Hope the recovery is quick and not as painful as the pain you've been enduring.
Geez well that was an unexpected diagnosis! I know not car related but I'm curious how they determined it? Did you get a spinal tap? What is the prognosis? Any idea how that happens (so I can avoid)? So many questions. Hope the recovery is quick and not as painful as the pain you've been enduring.
A CT scan showed a lot of fluid and inflammation around my spine in the mid-back area. The hospital will be sending me for an MRI to confirm. I've had a fever and chills on top of the spasming/clenched muscles, and the pain radiates around to the front of my torso as well. It's absolutely the worst pain I've ever experienced, and it's going on three weeks. Intravenus dilaudid is the only reason I'm lucid at times.

Basically, bacteria enters your system somehow and settles in the spinal column. The medical term seems to be "disc-itis".
Praise Jeebus...it's just a staph infection in my spine. No clots :). I'll be on 2-months of in-home nurse care though. 3 IV bags of antibiotics a day for 6 weeks, starting at the end of next week.

I have been able to stand for short periods as of today, so that's a win :).