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Mar 1, 2008
Vancouver WA
"Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion."

I had this car for 4 years, sold it, then bought it back. Shes' got me hooked, what can i say? Ill be posting updates in this thread.


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Is charisma the theme of the thread or the name for the car? Because if the latter... that's quite the stripper you have there.

Looking forward to seeing more development with this car.
Me not liking 940s is the main reason i got this back. Also fits my lifestyle better, i like to get out.
I have a beater 244 that I'm planning on lifting slightly, lets see an up to date mod list for this monster.
My wagons suspension is still bone stock, I love the way it rides, I want my sedan higher.

The shipyard I work at floods a lot, 10" of ground clearance sounds nice.