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Chipping FAQ

Hi, quick question, has anyone tried a 951 chip in a 984 casing for lh2.4? I'd like to avoid copying the map to a 967 bin with the risk of missing something, whilst getting the e-fan to work (951 casing doesn't have the driver IC) and rescaling for 350cc injectors.
Hello guys

Can anybody conform that there was an LH-Jetronic for the B234F that was able to control an electronic fan?



PS and when was the LH 2.4.3 released?
928 ECU to control electric fan would be the one if there is one for B234f. The 9xx ECU have the fan control the older 5xx don't for 740, 940. Not clue if it actually does, but it would be the ecu that might. OTher then that use normal 9xx 8v ecu and program it up with 928 bin..
The 928 ECU does have the electric fan control IC, as do all LH 2.4.3 and 2.4.4 ECUs.

It's listed as 1992 only in the Bosch e-catalog I have. Your mileage may vary. In addition only the 928 and leaded gas non-lambda 930 ECUs are listed as LH 2.4.3.
hello, I have an ecu from 16v b234f 571 in my car, and I would like to put a b200ft engine in the car, is it possible to put a chip in the 571 ecu?
it doesn't matter which ecu exactly?
idk what you're asking but the -562 -571 -928 -950 etc ECU numbers are oddball ones with different hardware and don't take normal 8v chips. Most of the common late ECU part numbers in USA -933 -946 -954 -967 etc can have a "normal" chip installed for whatever your application may be. idk what the common numbers are in non USA.

By using performance fuel and ignition chips for 940 FK, will it increase fuel pressure?

i will use 16T angled, 7cm2 housing. the performance chips rating is 220 bhp/ 340 nm

original Bosch injectors is 337cc at 3 bar fuel pressure

If the chips dont increase fuel pressure, can i use aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator? to make standard injector flow from 337cc to maybe around 350 - 360cc ? it is better to have extra headroom in fuel supply department :love1:
thank you

so can i use adjustable fuel pressure regulator on the FK ?
Yes, but chips are calibrated for a certain fuel injector flow rate so you will have to know ahead of time what fuel pressure you want. In addition more fuel pressure can strain the fuel pumps more. I have run 3.5 bar without issue.
Is it the same motherboards for 8v turbos that starts with 0 280?
I've might broken my 932 ECU for B200FT, and can get a 962 from B230FT.
Would this ECU work if I swap the chip and uses the 932 chip in the 962?