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Classic wagon vs Hundai Elantra


The world of the smiling Dogo
Jun 21, 2002
S NJ, a suburb of Phila.
A Hundai driver ran a red light coming from my left. I had a green and was proceeding when he blasted into my left front fender. The hit was so hard he spun around and the back of his car hit the left rear quarter on the wagon. My car was totaled. His car is totaled. No attempt to brake by him. My injuries while minor are painful with a large hematoma on my right shin and I tore muscles in my left side. I'm feeling better each day but was pretty shook up the first few days. This happened 10/8.

No injuries to the other driver except to his wallet with the summons for disregarding a traffic control signal. My friend parted it out it's already gone.


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Just a bit of history. Bought this #1205 Classic wagon in 05. Repaired the broken suspension and bad head gasket and it's been my daily since them. Put about 215k miles on it. Total miles 445k. Been a great car. So another one into the bin. I miss the car and am looking forward to see what rwd Volvo replaces it.
It is nothing more than a scratch... Monty Python.

I'm glad you are doing as well as you are.
Thank you, I appreciate that. If I had been hit on my door we would not be chatting on TB. The door dent is from Wegmans about four years ago. There was already a rear quarter panel dent from dunkin donuts where we had a Volvo meet. Someone hit me and took off like they all do. So not getting another dark green Volvo. I've had two and both were hit so it's time for another color.
Saw this being parted on FB the other day and was certain it was yours after seeing your green sig text. RIP
Saw this being parted on FB the other day and was certain it was yours after seeing your green sig text. RIP
Yes, my friend took what he needed and moved it on to a manual swap project. The car had some nice goodies for my friend. I really enjoyed the car.
Sad to see, you were really racking up the miles on that. I hope your injuries are short-lived, and you find a replacement wagon soon.
Just for some more to chat about. The tow cost just over $490 because I kept my car. It would have been $150 less if I surrendered my car. See that piece of adhesive plastic over the drivers window? $90 to 'tarp the car.' :lol: They also lost the key but found it by the time my tow guy came to grab the car.

They also threw all the front end chunks of the hundai into the back seat of my car including the guys license plate with front bumper cover.

The cop watched the camera footage from the store on the corner and wrote that the elantra went right through the red light. She also wrote that I proceeded with a green light so he got the summons. I feel a lot better knowing what I saw was the mostly correct thing in the situation.
I'm sure it feels better to know you're not in the wrong. We're glad that you're okay for the most part.
You know when that kind of thing happens to you. Then you start reliving it in your head. You can generate some self doubt about what happened. So, it felt good that the all seeing eye saw the whole thing. Thanks for the good thoughts everyone! Much appreciated.
OK Got in touch with his insurance company. We'll see if they cough up some bucks to compensate me for loss of the vehicle. It's a Classic Edition!
That really sucks, Dave. I've never totalled or been totalled but the timing of it has got to be awful. I think we all want to carefully select our next car, not frantically look for a replacement and potentially have to do catch-up maintenance on something used.

Feeling better after a couple weeks, at least?

What's next car-wise, another 245, or something modern (yuck!)?
I did have pain in my side but that has subsided. The hematoma on my right shin is steadily healing. But it's still large and ugly.

I've been presented with two cars to look at this weekend. A 91 245 w/120k miles gray with tan 5spd. The other is a 91 740T sedan auto only 83k miles. Red red red. gray interior. It's sounds like a super nice car but I've been in 240s for so long it's where I'm leaning but we will see. I like the power of the turbo. Just glad to have some good choices.
Wow, glad you are relatively ok. Sorry to hear you lost that car, hopefully you get enough to get something you want. If they lowball you, pull up some BAT comparisons maybe.