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Cosbysweater's Lifted Om606 Wagon Build

Good friends got a gifted 126 that would barely run. Normal 3z service and some pump tweaks turned it into a monster. Trans died a week later.

Yea I'm not looking for huge power at all just more then what I have. The car is pretty damn slow. I have a really strong gearbox in the wagon, not so much in the cdi unfortunately lol.
sold the Typhoon, its a little bitter sweet but it was a cautionary tale of how shitty american cars are of that era despite being special.

Also managed to lemon law the passat after the dealership messed it up, didnt think it was possible to lemon law a 10 year old car but here we are.
sold the Typhoon, its a little bitter sweet but it was a cautionary tale of how shitty american cars are of that era despite being special.

Also managed to lemon law the passat after the dealership messed it up, didnt think it was possible to lemon law a 10 year old car but here we are.
I saw a Typhoon for the first time in my life last year coming home from Vegas. I stopped at a grocery store at night for some coffee and a guy pulls in to do his shopping in a red Typhoon with a nasty tick in the top end. The inside looked like it was his daily driver for the last 30+years too. Nasty and broken.
I have an '87 wagon. 3" lift from BDW [deluxe kit], AT8 rims, Yokohama Geolander A/T 30" tires, fender flares, roof mounted spare and a roof rack. Took out the back seat extended the floor to the back of the front seats. Foam 4" mattress tri/fold, to get to the storage areas. 5 gallon water tank mounted to the D/S of the roof, 8'x8' awning on P/S. Leaving in May for Newfoundland to see icebergs. We will be on the road for 6-8 weeks. Will post some pictures soon of the car and the trip. Hope to take it to Carlisle for the Import Show before we leave.
My partner and I managed to impulse buy a house right next to my parents, which is really nice, I have a lot closer access to the garage. Since December I've been dedicating every Saturday to redoing the gremlin. I had it running and moveable a few years back but it sat for a really long time. Heres a video update on that.

Just started wiring up my backup 606 for a standalone ECU so I can get it running on the stand and figure everything out before I swap the edc pump and ECU into the wagon.
I love this build... Have been toying with how to tackle powertrain upgrades on my lifted 245... TD might be the way
I love this build... Have been toying with how to tackle powertrain upgrades on my lifted 245... TD might be the way
thanks! its pretty fun but in desperate need of more power and better heat management. IDIs get pretty hot and the 240s dont lend themselves very well to bigger engine swaps unless thats addressed
I have actually done some work on the car it developed a oil leak out of the old level sensor. i replaced it and took the old one out and had it welded shut


also made a real effort to get the proper shifter installed. i had dummied it up before and it worked but i decided to make it permanent.





now the plan is to get a bezel 3d printed to match the bezel found in the ml320s which has a much bigger surround. i was able to get the factory sound deadning over the shifter. now i have fully functional manual gear selection as well as two different transmission tunes.

also since ive been driving the car so much ive managed to forget to change the oilfilter for about 15000 miles, for a patched up engine its looking really good!


now onto the next project, managed to get my dsl1 working well on the test engine i have so now its time to convert back to the electronic pump. im really excited about that because the car is horrendously slow and with the stock electronic pump and a little bit bigger turbo i should be able to get it close to the 250-300hp range. right now with the stock 603 pump the thing doesnt rev really well and it maybe makes about 80whp. i replaced all the delivery valves and orings on my edc pump as well as timed and locked it. im going to be replacing the cylinder head on the car as well due to the one cylinder that had all the damage. not really worried about it however with egts going up im worried about a valve seat coming out. also i will be swapping to N/A 8 hole prechamber instead of the mismatched ones i currently have in there. also doing a valve spring upgrade on the new head for some more rpm.
project make the car unreliable started this weekend! I tackled the turbo swap this weekend. most people get a exhaust manifold and redo the ic, intake and downpipe also there are people that buy the super cheap up pipe made out of exhaust tubing that snaps. i still like the oem+ look so i went ahead and got a turbo bricks special 57 trim. oddly enough this is the go to turbo for people that want to max out the stock edc pump which ends up around 300hp. I got a k14 to t3 adapter on ebay and ported my manifold.







i removed the old turbo, manifold and water pump and waterpump housing. i performed the rear cooling mod which is supposed to help cool the rear cylinders on the engine as well. we will see if that helps, i also got a stainless feedline and barbed drain fitting for the block from benzforce.





because i like the oem stuff to work as it should i was able to get the stock ic pipe to fit with the oem connector by spacing it down about 1 inch and was also able to get the turbo clocked to where i could get the wastegate to function well with some proper bending





i had to build a new downpipe which was fine, then i cut a sleeve to go into the stock e300 intake pipe and got a silicone coupler for the turbo inlet and clamped them down. it almost looks like it was made to be in there.

will update again after putting more miles on it. i put about 200 on it after i swapped it on. its only running about 10psi of boost right now but you can feel the difference as far as how much better the engine breathes. it actually wants to rev past 4000 rpm now which was a struggle before!
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got the car backed into my tiny garage.


pulled the intake and valve cover and started by removing the glowplugs #1 injector and prechamber to retime the engine. ive had this odd feeling that i messed up the timing when i originally built the engine. turns out it was only 1 degree off, so it was just a turd with the stock mechanical pump.




also when i was steam cleaning the engine i managed to power wash all the timing marks off the balancer. luckily i had a spare from another 606 i parted out. this thing is a absolute bear to pull off in car.




installed the balancer and set my timing pointer and timed the engine at 14.5 atdc. and out with the mech pump! much excite!!!





old faithful, you will be stored or sold off to someone who wants a mech pump.


in with the edc and i made a new throttle position sensor mounting point, just bolted one end to the power steering bracket and cut and bent a support strap. after that i wired up the dsl1




after wiring everything up i calibrated the ecu and fired it up. turns out i had the wrong tps setup and i couldnt get the car to shut off and i smoked out the garage and the house trying to choke the engine out. not fun.... after fixing that i got it running perfectly. it does have a bit of smoke that needs to be tuned out however it runs and revs extremely nice. i drove it around the block with no intake manifold on it and even with no boost it is substantially quicker then with the old pump.
So far so good on the edc pump and ecu. i got some fuel tuning done. locked out the wastegate and have already maxxed out the 57 trim. its in its happy place right now it feels like. ive been daily driving it for the past week and really put the hammer down on it and the car hauls ass compared to before. Im sitting at right around 29psi (maxxed out map sensor) and it really goes hard for what it is. the nice thing is that it maintains near stock drivability as compared to a e300 but makes a ton more power. Before with the stock mechanical injection pump it was like hitting a brick wall at 60 mph and you had to push the car so hard to pass people on the highway. I had also pinned the wastegate shut on the stock turbo and it was making around 20psi, in theory i had the fuel for that kind of boost however the nature of that pump in stock form on a dohc engine just put it in a really bad bottleneck. Ive sent off a edc pump to dieselmeken in sweden to get some more power and hopefully reduce the egts a hair. they are not bad now but i am reaching the limits of the stock edc pump and 57 trim turbo already. The car has easily tripled the HP at the wheels and if i had to come up with a total for what i spent to achieve that it would probably be around 850 bucks which power per dollar is pretty hard to beat.
Ran into my first issue with the car. The car stopped shutting off when i keyed the car off, for those who have seen the car before know that starting and stopping the car was a multi stage process, i had a dual position 12v toggle switch, up on the switch triggered a powerstroke glow plug relay and down on the switch triggered a vacuum switch to shut off the car with the mechanical pump. Now with the DSL1 i have full control of the rack so it will shut off on its own. i still had the manual glow plug switch up until today. ANYWAY so when i would attempt to shut the car off now with the ecu installed the car would just keep running for about 1 minute then it would shut off. If i pulled the ecu fuse it would kill the car, so obviously there was a back feed issue. I found that if i had the headlights on of the blower motor on it would shut off. I inspected the car and did some datalogging to see if there was a issue with my edc pump or something. I was pulling up to a stop light and hit the blinkers to make a turn and i noticed the rack was moving and you could hear a slight hunt in the engine. i went and inspected all my grounds and realized i had a massive ground from the battery to the block and just a single 10g wire to the body from the battery. now with the mechanical pump this was probably fine. So i added some big grounds from the block to the frame rail and to the strut tower and the surge went away but the car would still not shut off. I found that the cheapo amazon sealed relay was getting stuck internally. Got a fastronix relay which even has a note written on it that it has a internal diode to stop back feeding. installed that relay and the issue went away, live and learn i guess. I went ahead and converted the car to a PWM glow plug relay which can internally do individual glow plug health checks through the dsl1 which is nice and now i have afterglow like a factory mercedes. i am going to wire up the factory volvo glow plug indicator in the dash and call it good. Ive also got the dsl1 doing cruise control and its been a bit finicky as of right now but i need to add a vss signal into the ecu to get it perfectly dialed in.
I have been driving the car a ton lately and it truly has completely transformed since the ecu and electronic pump install. However i am running into some problems. as of right now it is totally fine driving normally however when i really beat up on it especially from a dead stop going wide open throttle its floating the valves and loosing power. On long grades i do have consistent egts which is good, in a perfect world i would have a 3 inch exhaust but alas i do not. instead of shot gunning parts at it i wanted to do some diagnostics on the car. after checking my egts as well as checking smoke out the tail pipe i have verified my tune is pretty much dead on. i get light smoke at tip in and a nice light gray haze under wide open. however when i replicate the valve issue it does dump a ton of black smoke from the boost going from 1.8bar to 0 almost instantly. so i went and installed a emp sensor in the manifold. just used a maxxforce emp sensor because they are pretty robust and can take alot of heat. i just used a long 1/4inch copper line and wired it up to my ecm for some datalogging.



sure enough as expected the stock exhaust manifold is absolute trash. under wide open throttle on the highway im getting 3.5 bar of emp vs 1.8 bar of boost. from a dead stab im getting upwards of 4 bar of exhaust manifold pressure.... so in comes the early gen of the benzforce log manifold. no one has really done alot of testing on them and alot of people just ignore emp and egt. since this is a extremely high mile engine at this point i dont want to take any chances.


so the plan is to install this and do no other modifications and see how it ends up. if need be i will go to a bigger turbo. these heads flow so much and i need to aim for a 1:1 ratio if possible to keep it alive
Well pulled the turbo and manifold apart. found that my wastegate actuator blew up and was leaking boost. so i pinned the wastegate shut. i installed the new cast manifold and while its a super nice piece it just does not fit the way i wanted it too. i really like the oem plus look on my car so i decided just to leave it as is and possibly beef up the down pipe and get a better flowing wastegate housing for the turbo.