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CXracing vs yoshifab rods


New member
Jan 5, 2020
East Coast
both are 152mm, both are 4130 forged. Was wondering if anybody had experience with the CXracing rods vs the yoshifab rods.
Probably exactly the same, so support Yoshifab who makes us a ton of great parts.


I bought my h beam rods and traum forged pistons from him...

You should take into account that the delivery time is sometimes a little on the long side so order in advance if you don't want to be waiting for your parts to move ahead with your build. It's not Josh's fault but his suppliers most of the time.
If you want the small number of use volvo specialists to still be be around making the odd ball stuff every sale helps. Some company in China is not really going to care about your 1 set of rods
They are most likely made in the same factory. Buy from a vendor that directly supports this community like Yoshifab over a generic company like CX racing.
After one of my wrist pins broke and lightly bunged up one of my rods (R-Sport sourced, IIRC) I got an elcheapo set off eBay. Maxpeeding.

The bolts were def. knockoffs, despite them saying otherwise. I reused the actual ARP bolts from my first set of rods rather than use the knockoffs.