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S/V/C daylight running lights


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Sep 5, 2005
My V70 p2 has daylight running lights. There seems to be no way to completely switch off the headlights while driving the car.

in my 940 i could just pull a fuse and be done.
Is there a similar way in my V70 p2 to switch those annoying daylight runninglights off??
On the earlier 70 series there is a pin hole on the headlight switch. You have to take a little screwdriver and push it in and turn it. All the way counterclockwise is off. I hope that helps! Not sure about the '01 and later models but it's worth checking out.
it does have a yellow point(cap) in the headlight switch.
Will check this out! Thnx

edit: i checked , no switch inside headlight switch knob.
Car manual says it's not possible to switch them off. Lame.

anyone any other ideas how to switch those damn lights off while the car is running??
should i just start yanking some wires at the back of the light switch?
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i found out that it is in fact possible to switch of the daylight runninglights in de 0-position. It is a setting in the car software. VIDA is needed to change this setting.