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240 Do cars with manual windows have the wiring for electric ones?


Active member
Sep 29, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Does anyone know if a car that has manual windows from the factory will have the wiring for electric ones? The car is an 88 244DL, in case it matters.

Is it just a matter of pulling the wiring out of the donor car up to the correct pigtails, or will I need to cut the donor harness and splice into new harness?
Don't cut the harness out of the donor car. Remove it and install it in your car. You do have a lot of work to add the electic window regulators though.
Anyone know if there's a writeup anywhere that details exactly which wires, relays, etc. that I need to pull from the donor? I can't take the whole harness because the donor car is still a working vehicle, just swapping in the manual windows, so I need to take just the correct necessary wiring.
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