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Donate HERE!

Good point - anyone that donated (and i upgraded them) in April I will have to re-apply their user privilege's. Thanks for the reminder
I just donated again thanks for bringing my therapy back online...... what's it gonna take to make my name color brown?
you guys are the best, thanks. We will do a fun event once i get everything sorted.. probably a couple weeks to be honest, i'm still hacking away at the basics right now
Thanks. I had set my calendar to make a yearly donation. Will watch fit future notice
BTW: The new format is fantastic !
The old donate link just takes you to a page saying what PayPal to donate to. Donation instructions are in the first post here:

Quoting Dana here, and editing the first post:
"I know a lot of people have asked me where to send donations and I really appreciate all the support. As some are aware, our host went out of business and in doing so cut us 2+ years short of our pre-paid hosting. Additionally the software and addons and new host were additional out of pocket expenses as well. That being said, i think going forward we will be operating at a much more affordable rate. For now, if you want to donate you can use our paypal donate@saliv8.com and put your username in the notes."
thanks guys, i appreciate the support flowing in even though i'm not done fixing everything - helps pay the bills for the server and new software.
Donated, but I'm an idiot and didn't put my username in the quotes. I did put in a request on the OT board, will happily tell ya my email and donation amount to prove my ID.