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Engine swap 244 + B230FK


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Jun 1, 2023

First of all, if my english is bad, i never thought i needed english when i was in school:sleep::sleep:.

first the project.
The original engine (b21a) is to be swapped for a volvo B230FK from an 940. It's a '93 engine so it's had oilsquirters.

things i've already done:

- engineblock resurfaced
- new conrods (BSR H-profile)
- forged piston's (suplied by the company who did the resurfacing) 2nd oversize to be sure its al perfectly round etc.
- mulitilayer head gasket (must be ok to at least 300 HP
- new heavy valvesprings
- ARP headstuds
- 3 inch stainless steel exhaust ( not fitted, i have to weld on a bush for the O2 sensor)

And the rest is just what anyone would do when rebuilding an engine (gaskets and such)

To be able to put it in an 2 series volvo i have fitted an volvo 2 series LH 2.4 wiring harnass on the engine,
let out the resistor pack an fitted 0 280 155 830 Bosch injectors (350cc) resistance 12 Ohm

Put it on a test stand and let the engine run.
And it runs. sort of...

things i still need to do

- didn't chip the ecu yet so it doesn't have the correct mapping for the 350cc injectors (i assume)
- haven't figured out if i will keep the stock 13c turbo or change it for an 15g, or go a bit further and fit a 16t turbo
- still have the stock AMM i believe its a 016. Keep or change to 960 AMM
- increase boost (to wich level i don't now yet
- ECU is 0 0280 000 561 white lable EZK 0 227 400 176, are they good or do i need a diffrent one
- change camshaft to a different profile? still have the stock one (don't know wich one it is)
i will look for it when i retighten the headbolts. but it has to be warmed up first

- i have 4 968 green bosch injectors laying around for some reason ;) what do i have to do to fit these in my engine

as for the moment the engine runs, and as i mentioned before 'sort of'

It has an extreme rough idle en when opening the trothle it wil misfire. (way to rich)
so my question is what is best.

just get a chip en run stock with increased boost. Or go further and fit a different turbocharger, AMM, 968 injectors, get the right chip and a fasten your seatbelts where about to fly warning light.

is there anyone that could help me with these questions.

greetings Erik
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If you are getting misfires it's time to verify the engine mechanical timing. The IPD turbo cam or the enem V15T cam good street performance cams that will support up to 300hp. I would get chips but before using them I would get everything running well with the stock computers at low boost. It's a new engine and you'll want to break it in without high boost or beating the crap out of it.
The 561 ecu is a regular non turbo computer, see here http://www.nuceng.ca/bill/volvo/database/ecu.htm

A stock turbo ecu and matching stock MAF and matching stock sizes high impedance injectors would be a great starting point.

The bigger injectors just pop in but you need to be sure your MAF and ECU are all in agreement too.

I would definitely recommend going up from the 16T, look at the 18T is very nice or even K24 like I just did, why not take advantage of the built motor?
0 280 155 830 Bosch injectors (350cc) resistance 12 Ohm

- still have the stock AMM i believe its a 016. Keep or change to 960 AMM
- ECU is 0 0280 000 561 white label EZK 0 227 400 176, are they good or do i need a different one
The injectors, ECU, and EZK all go together. There are NA versions and Turbo versions. You have a NA ECU and NA EZK, but Turbo sized injectors. This will result in excess fueling. The NA ECU is expecting ~200cc/min NA injectors, but will be getting 350cc/min of fuel, ~75% too much.

You need to find a Turbo ECU and EZK. The ECUs are all chipable, so you could instead get a Turbo chip for your 561 ECU. If your EZK is chipable (you'll need to open it to check), you could get a Turbo chip for it too.

[Temporarily, on the test stand with no boost, you could swap to a set of ~200cc/min NA injectors. Those should work for light loads, but can't supply enough fuel for higher loads and boost.]