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Epic's Transmission Swap List of Questions, please help me prepare...


Active member
Sep 29, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
I posted this to Brickboard too, but I figured I'd post here too, to cast my net wider.

I've finally got almost everything that I need together for my swap. I'm swapping out the automatic transmission in my 1991 245SE and putting in the M47 from my parts car. This is my (hopefully final) list of questions. I'm pretty handy around cars; I've rebuilt engines and done just about any kind of routine maintenance the needs to be done on cars, but this is my first transmission swap. Here goes:

1) My donor car was an LH2.2 car, the current one is LH2.4, so I had to put the correct bellhousing on for the crank sensor. Since I'm changing bellhousings I need the gasket and any seals that go between the bellhousing and the transmission. Will this kit from FCP have everything I need?

2) Does the surface between the bellhousing and transmission need to be perfect? Can I scotch bright it to clean it up or will that damage the surface too much? Also, does the gasket go no dry, or is there a sealer that I should use here?

3) What is the thin metal ring that goes around the transmission input shaft between the transmission and the bellhousing? Does it go on any special way? Do I need a new one or can I reuse the old one?

4) How do I find TDC on the flywheel? (it's the correct LH2.4 flywheel)

5) Can I safely reuse the old flywheel & pressure Plate bolts? They looked like they were in fine shape when I removed them.

6) I'll be replacing the clutch disk, can I reuse the pressure plate or should I replace that as well?

7) Are the auto and manual transmission crossmembers different?

8) What kind of grease should I use on the clutch fork pivot and the throwout bearing?

Thanks for all the help!
I'm doing the same thing but with an M46. The surface between the bellhousing and trans should be pretty damn clean, the bellhousing puts preload on the bearings in the transmission, that's what that shim is for. I'm just going to re use mine. The gasket needs to be dry, it's accounted for in setting the shim thickness on the transmission. They make a point of mentioning they its exactly .25mm in the manual! It's available on k-jet.org.

The flywheel, just put the blank spots on the flywheel in the same spot, it can only go 6 ways.

Grease? I don't know, clutch grease?
I'm going to re use bolts and a pressure plate, just don't use it if it looks bad, people do it all the time.
Crossmembers are different too, and that's all I know for now, hope this helps!
Thanks man, it definitely helps! I ended up buying a whole clutch kit, so I got a new pressure plate. I'm going to pay close attention to the shims between the bellhousing and the transmission, that's the one thing I think I'm most concerned about getting right.