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Error code 144 Load signal, keeps coming back


New member
Nov 10, 2017
I keep getting a 144 code on my ignition: Load signal missing. Car runs pretty good. only a slight hesitation when accelerating. Idles good and never stalls.

1992 volvo 240
Wasted spark with Miata power stage and Bosch 2x2 coil

Can this have something to do with the wasted spark?

From what I read the load signal is produced by the ECU. It's output is port 25
it comes in on the EZK on port 8. How does the ECU produce this signal? what sensors does the ECU use to produce this signal. Maybe then I can trace back the issue.
The Load or Tq signal is a short pulse generated twice per rev by the ECU. The width of the pulse is roughly proportional to the MAF air flow or to the injector on-time -- the higher the airflow, the longer the injector on-time, and the wider the Load pulse. The EZK box uses the Load signal to select the row in the ignition advance table - higher load gives less advance. There's more detail here:

The only way the wasted spark would interfere with the Load signal is if there's a loose wire or shorted out pins. I think one of the more common causes of the 1-4-4 code is poor power/ground connections and/or corroded fuses. Try inspecting the main engine compartment blade fuse.
All my wires are good, measured them. Fuel relay including the plug is also good. I have a brand new blade fuse terminal, so no problems there. I Will try running the car without the wire from pin 25 to 8, to see if it makes any difference in drivability. Maybe the ECU is just bad. Is it possible to measure this signal with a standard multimeter? Because it pulses?
Is it possible to measure this signal with a standard multimeter? Because it pulses?
No, it's a really skinny little pulse (~0.0001 seconds long), so the multimeter will just read 0volts. If you have access to a labscope, it would be interesting to see if it's a) dead, or b) noisy, or c) mostly working but occasionally dropping a pulse.
I just tried to measure it. No problem. Multimeter on mV. Readed around 380 mV on idle and 410mV with the ac on. So the signal from the ECU is probably good. Traced the signal wire to the EZK, also good. Measured inside the EZK, no voltage... Turned out to be a little bit bent open pin in the EZK connector.

I will just drive on and see if the code comes back, can still be a bad ECU.
After the 142 code I replaced the ezk (and the whole wasted spark chip soldering) car drove the same, so didn't look into the 144 code anymore.

This week the car had a pretty high idle in neutral when rolling, around 1500 rpm. And it wouldn't drop down under 1000 rpm at standstill. Just out of nowhere. So I adjusted the TPS. After this I got a lambda light on the dash. When checking for codes the 144 code popped up again! no other ecu or ezk codes...

I'm beginning to suspect the ecu, it's a Bosch 962
I have a spare Bosch 984 (the most robust one they say) but it had a immobilizer, so I put a chip in it. I ditched this ecu a while ago because it produced a hunting idle when cold which I couldn't get rid of. The 962 doesn't produce this hunting idle. I will try the 984 again to see of the 144 code keeps popping up.