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Flennor Hose (from Belmetric)


Jun 26, 2020
Colorado USA
Hey, wanted to post before I forget to.

Possible warning about the Flennor fuel injection hoses I ordered from Belmetric. Rated for 150psi, the braided 8mm fuel rail back to fuel tank return line "burst". After 3 years and surprisingly using mostly non ethanol gas.

Not sure if just a one off or if Flennor is not great quality (I did install with plenty of room/ with no rubbing and close to stock as possible).

Just putting it out there and maybe others can weigh in

Ok, peace all
Sorry to respond to own post but a question;

Have you seen fuel hose without the rating printed on?

New one (OReily Gates 50psi for return) only has what looks like gl11183 and some other random looking numbers/letters. Any thoughts would be appreciated, I've never seen this
The braided covered German hose works well until it suddenly doesn't. Just like what you experienced. I don't think it holds up well to the ethanol either. This kind of hose is what was used to connect the fuel rail to the injectors on the early Bosch injection like on VW among others. Back in the 70s early 80s when fuel injected beetles were still running around. They were burning down all the time from those hose failures.
Thank you dl242gt and oh my. I'll need to get to the stuff at the tank too as I also did the 12mm with the same hose.

Now that I'm good and frightened anyone think my "unmarked" replacement hose is just some rubber without fuel ratings? So far so good with it but fire bad
One of those number/letter groups on the Gates hose should be a part # you can look up to see if it's appropriately rated. Gates hose is good quality but it's hard to tell which one you have without looking it up.

Sorry wasn't meaning to upset you. It's just not long service life hose especially with fuel injection. The hose lasts longer on the low pressures of a manual fuel pump and carbs. It would last many years on old carburated beetles. But once they went to fuel injection with it. It became a short service life product and they never really improved it.

I'm really glad you caught it before it caused anything worse than a fuel leak.
Thanks for the website Khrrck. Thanks for the additional info and concern dl242gt, I was halfway of joking but then...
Went to the O'Reilly I bought the hose from and yes, it was washer fluid hose they sold me in a box with the same part # as the fuel hose. And indeed the correct hose had the fuel SAE rating on it.
Still need to replace the hoses at the tank now but no leaking fuel.
Thanks again, and take care