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Front strut noise

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Mar 12, 2018
240 got new struts installed along with top mount and the control arm rear bushings. Sometimes there is heavy bang from the left side on rough roads. Next time on the same road there is no bang. Cold or warm wet or dry it makes no difference. All the hardware has been checked. My thought is a bad strut?
My initial thought is the cap to the strut tube may have came loose, and you wouldn't be able to see it loose under the bellow.
I pushed the bellows up and got a pipe wrench on the nut with the extra leverage of a 3’ pipe I would think that’s not the source. So out comes the strut.
The springs can make very loud disturbing sounds if not seated properly.
If this is the issue, the springs should seat themselves after a day or so of driving(at least that was my experience).
Mounts along with struts were purchased at the same time from IPD. This morning I went on a shopping trip and it rattled all the way.. Return trip no noise. I will crack it open Friday.
Just went to check the name of of strut mount I have, couldn't remember if it's lemforder or lesjofors or something like that, but fcp no longer has it. Anyone know what happened to them? They seemed like the only one selling a metal bearing instead of the silly plastic ones. Are the plastic ones ok?
Autopsy showed that maybe the housing ears were not crimped enough letting the bearing move. I would recommend checking new one before installing.
I'm having trouble visualizing what you mean by housing ears, the circular area with a lip where the bearing sits in?

Also, I had a terrible noise like you described and it turned out to be one of the rod nuts not being tight enough. I never would've thought to use my impact gun on it if a local mechanic hadnt told me to do so. Thought I might ruin something somehow, but it did the trick. Simply could not get the thing tight enough by hand