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S/V/C ground straps p2 V70


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Sep 5, 2005
how many groundstraps are there supposed to be between engine and body of a p2 V70?
i can only locate one small one: from valvecover to bulkhead. Is that the only one?
Thanks! I will have a look at that big ground cable as well.

actually the display shows all kinds of weird errors like DSTC service needed, weird varying idle speed, CEL on, cam adjuster error, weird throttle response. Sometimes when i switch the engine off and restart again all errors are gone. weird . I hate inconsistent errors.

Yesterday i took the ground cable of the battery, hooked up a jumper cable between valvecover bolt and a struttbolt, then re-attached the ground cable. Start engine: All errors gone! ??? I'm confused.
I took the car for a drive, stopping and restarting the car a few times. Errors stayed away.
So i hope this poor grounding of the engine is what causes the problems

I know that this engine that is in the car is the 2nd engine so i can no longer know/trust that all is still factory spec.
Hence my question.
Yesterday i pulled the groundcable between valvecover and firewall. There was lots of corrosion on the valvecover side.
I also used:

to ensure reliable ground contacts.
When i took the groundcable off these washers were not present.

is this level of detail necessary? i think it is worth it. With only 12V available, a small increase in Ohm's in a ground connection can cause trouble, specially in modern cars that use a system that consists of a bazillion electronic parts.
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