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Heads up on Mann filter

Good to see others are finally seeing and not liking what I found 2-3 years ago.

I've had nothing more than 1-2 second max to build pressure on cold start on the M1's but they are a bit more spendy unless you find them on sale.
You bet it's an issue. The mann w917 never set the oil pressure light at startup except maybe a nanosecond. These blackies are no darn good. One other time I used an off-brand filter and also encountered the oil pressure light staying on at startup 4for 2-4 seconds. 2-4 seconds is too long for me.

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The blackies are no darn good because it?s the wrong one for your car. I?m not familiar with the cars it?s meant for, but it could be they?re mounted vertically (opening up) on those engines, and the oil can?t drain out when it?s shut off.
The early white blocks had spin on filters that were vertical. So they didn't drain back. I didn't look at the mann catalog but maybe that is what they gave you? After all it read volvo in the listing. :roll:

No problem building oil pressure on this setup, ever.
FL1a, wix 51311 short stock filter same as 917, 51085 tad longer, 51068 little bit longer or 51515 same as FL1a.
The FL1a is tight because its right behind the alternator, Some may have to adjust the batt cable wire and be careful when you install and remove it. And or massage the heat shield if your car still has it.
7/9 series can use a 51085 though as its a tad longer than the Mann 917 or 51311 Wix.
Mann 917/20 Trouble

So I changed out the black Mann 917/20 oil filter. There was only a little oil at the bottom of the filter. As a result there was no spillage. The proper W917 was swapped, and now the oil warning light shows no indication of inadequate pressure at startup Just so you know.
Which part is a tight fit? I'm not familiar with the dimensions, but the W917 is a tight fit to the alternator on all my 240s (even with denso alt) to the point that i have to disconnect the battery to change oil.

Maybe your interference with with the downpipe due to the relocation arm.

The relocation arm is the limiting factor on my 88 765. The FL-1A filter is 5.25 inches long. There is a shorter Motorcraft filter that fits Ford 302 and Dodge that is a better fit. These Motorcraft filters are made by Purolator on an earlier design.
I noticed over the last few years, that MANN filters in the stores (in Germany at least) are different than some bought over the internet. The store bought ones all have the little oval "micro-top" logo, sturdy can and are very accurately crimped. I never had any issues with those. The "internet" ones were in the same packages, but lighter/thinner walled, the crimping was uneven (and leaking after a while in three cases of ten I had) and don't have the "micro-top" logo. Just an observation I made.
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