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hide avatar setting?

If you have uBlock Origin installed, the following filter will stop all avatars from loading:

How do peoples avitatars affect that? Visiting a website would be the issue I would think. I can see whatever anyone at my job is viewing on the internet.
No, the avatar I noticed was "t5 Pete", not sure if they are even an active user anymore.
I think the browser plugin that Khrrck mentioned is a fine solution to my problem :)
uBlock is a must-have for me, makes the Internet so much more palatable with the auto filters and you can handle a lot of the stuff it doesn't catch with just right click -> block element.

I'm sure there's a different plugin which blocks all images available. I used something similar way back in my edumacational days... although anyone who's giving your screen more than a casual glance will know what you're doing anyway. :p