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How to restore hotlinked photobucket images


Dec 23, 2002
Santa Cruz CA
Thank you Crazychopstick for the how to. This is for Firefox, if anyone has any tips for other browsers let me know and I will post them in here

If you are experiencing issues with hotlinked Photobucket images, you may want to consider the following options:

  1. Contact the website or forum where the hotlinked image is located and notify them about the broken or missing image. They may be able to replace the image with an alternative or provide assistance.
  2. If you have the original image file, consider uploading it to an alternative image hosting service and updating the hotlink on the respective website or forum with the new URL.
  3. Reach out to Photobucket's customer support to inquire if there are any possible solutions or alternatives available for restoring hotlinked images. Keep in mind that their policies and services may have changed since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021.
Remember to respect copyright and ownership rights when dealing with images and ensure you have the necessary permissions to use and share them.