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How to setup a 15g/16t/18t/19t for RWD

Bigger injectors, engine computer change, that sort of thing. Also your turbo will need to be reclocked.

Being as it's a B200ft I'm presuming you might need to get a bigger MAF/AMM, but I don't know enough about that motor (not used in the US).
Oh, ofcourse I know about these engine upgrades. You just said "if it is indeed a b200ft" like it would dramatically differ from b230ft.

I know about every upgrade I need to do, I just don't know where to look for turbos.
Now it's kinda clear, thanks I guess.
^ I think you can, but there is an issue with how the turbo inlet and manifold outlet match up.

I just reclocked my ebay 15g turbo today. Other than the PO being an idiot and trying to pry the snap-ring out with a screwdriver (wow), it's cherry.
It's a flat-flange though. Or a flat flange with a lip. My old -13c was conical flange. How do I make it work?
Anyone think a 12b Mitsubishi oil and coolant will work for 15g? Also do I tap to 8 mm on pre 90 manifold?
No, studs are all standard M8. You need to remove the studs in the turbine housing of the 15G and punch out the threads so they match the bigger openings. Then you shorten a manifold stud.

Seriously, don't bother with the old exhaust manifold, just pick up a nice 90+ and have the cracks welded over.
Appreciate it going to get one broken stud removed and both drilled to 11/32. Just need 13c lines and manifold now. Just removed waste gate can I clock it without taking it apart?
Do we know the size of the banjo bolts for the coolant supply and return on the 15G turbo?

On my 13 C they are 14 mm but it appears they are smaller like 12 mm on the 15G I bought.

Update I found a couple of adaptors that allow you to run a 12 mm banjo bolt through a 14 mm coolant line.

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this thread will likely never die lol. so as the photos are dead from the original post, i know a 15g conical flange fits but would a straight flange 16t reclocked, fit a stock downpipe?
If you put the conical TD04HL turbine housing on the 16T then it will bolt up to the stock downpipe. You will need to modify the downpipe flange to bolt to the flat flange turbine housing.