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"in keeping this one stock" 500hp goal


New member
Dec 22, 2020
Link?ping, Sweden

Been working on my car for a few years now.
Been driving it as my daily because apartment and garages are crazy expensive here in Sweden. So the build has been slowish

Now on the other hand, i live countryside with my own garage, big enough for 3 cars if I ever get the urge lol.

Anyway, bought it in October 2020.
Bone stock, still with its first owner and 170000km on the clock.
Nope, it wasn't cheap 😂

Since then I've broken down a dozen of times.

So today it's standing in the garage with a torsen differential, Megasquirt 2 v3, some cheap lowering kit and the engine, pretty much ready for 4-500hp making its way back in the car 😅


I'll just list the full current spec 🤷🏻‍♂️
531 head, ported and 46/38 valves
Klr t3 camshaft
Adjustable cam gear
Match ported manifolds
Holset Hy35w
H beam rods
Billet flywheel
707 pressure plate
Tenaci 6 puck clutch

I will start it up like this, it's my first build so i wanna se it run before i take it further :)
Still has some stuff to get before that tho, like intercooler, radiator, i must get the flywheel to the shop to make a stepdown and so on.

When and if we see it run, I'll get my hands dirty and fabricate a tubular manifold and plenum intake.

Will most likely run a separate wastegate later on aswell.

Hope you like it and wanna se what's happening
Tiny bit of progress today, i pit the engine harness back in after having stripped it of some excess wires, done porting the intake manifold and began making a new harness for the Megasquirt.

I think i want the relay board in the engine bay this time, allt easier if you want to mod stuff later on

Engine is pretty much done, need to get my hands on a radiator and intercooler and finish up the wiring, then it's time for a testrun! :)
Oh yeah, i need to get the flywheel machined.. need a 0.4mm stepdown for my clutch setup

Made a little bracket and mounted the wasted spark coil under the intake manifold, stealthy!