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S/V/C input from Volvo-tech wanted about GearTronic


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Sep 5, 2005
my car is a 2001 V70T5 with a GearTronic slushbox.
it has done at least 300000miles.
20000miles ago i had the geartronic flushes and i am using JWS3309, brand: BG
as long as the ATF is reasonably cool it shifts OK but once the ATF is warm it starts flaring between 2nd and 3rd once 3rd engages it goes in with a bang..
shifting from N to R or from N to D sometimes also happens with a bang.
The hotter the ATF, the worse the shiftactions.

- what is the diagnosis of my geartronic? is it FUBAR?
- what if i replaced the ATF with a thicker ATF? (which brand/type would you recommend?)
update: the slushbox has been changed. The 'new' one shifts much much better. However... it still flares about 500rpm on the upshift from 2nd to 3rd. (only when i accelerate slowly with the engine under 2200rpm.) 3rd does not go in with a bang, so I guess it's slip? Right?

I have VIDA:
I reset the ATF counter
I reset the adaptations
I switched the learn-mode on and did the driving routine in low, mid and high rev ranges

Since you guys in the US are very familiar with those slush transmissions i have some questions:
How long does it take for the TCM to adapt to my driving style?
Are my expectations to high? I want possitive upshifts without slip that i can feel. Am i asking to much?
Pm utahgtbrick he's knowledgable on these early 2000 cars here
Pm utahgtbrick he's knowledgable on these early 2000 cars here

good tip. Will remember that.

however, i did already make some progress. I replaced my rear lambda sensor today. This fixed the oscillating idle . If the idle speed is oscillating up and down it means there is also no stable ATF-pressure in the trans. Which in turn will mess up the learned behaviour of the trans. which in turn will mess up the shifts.

I could be imagening it but it seems the shifts are already getting crispier.
I believe it can take up to 2 weeks for the trans to learn. Generally with rough shift issues the first things to try to remedy it are A: flush fluid, B: upgrade software, C: re-adapt. So you've already done at least 2 of those. '01 and '02 transmissions were problematic (possibly '03 too?). I've seen many require replacement.

edit: I believe a trans shop can repair them
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