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Jared's '79 5.3 244 Project: The Qwikbrik

Got my windshield replaced while I was out of town this week. A+ job by the glass tech, super satisfied, really enjoying my new knife he left laying in the grass for my kid to find too!

I made the mistake of leaving a job unattended and it turned out bad. Now I never leave and watch. Hasn't happen again. It wasn't as bad as yours. The trim is universal and it looks like you got the widest one(it will shrink over time). It looks to be 1 inch or 1 1/4.
And it needs to be a bit wider, there's almost certainly going to be a line of some sort on an older car where the old trim was, and the new trim isn't going to be in exactly the same spot, so the new trim needs to overlap some.

Thats as wide as its going to be. It actually looks really good. You want at least 1 inch but I think there is 1 1/4 available(probably hard to find). It will shrink but not that much. It will shrink and start to harden so it will be fine for years to come.
Beat it mercilessly at MountainMeet and broke...nothing. Par for the course, and the fact that it's been boringly reliable has been the best part of the swap.

The brakes took everything I threw at them.
The steering shaft only rubs on the manifold under the hardest right hand turns (and no longer locks up)
The weird wobble/shimmy in the steering is gone (suspect that was air trapped in the rack acting as a spring)

Literally my only real issue was an unused speaker wire wasn't taped up and was grounding out on an RCA jack, and shutting the head unit off. Found that when I got home on Sunday and fixed it.

We did nick something in the road when Eamonn took the car out on Friday that put a hole right in the shoulder of the tire, but thanks to a kind local fisherman who happened to have an air pump (I thought I had my tire rescue kit in the car but I didn't), we were able to leapfrog it back down the hill, get it plugged, and I got two new rear tires on it Saturday. They were getting close to done anyhow, so no great loss there.


Overall, an outstanding experience, and it drug a probably 2200-2500lb trailer all the way up and down the hill to the lodge without any complaint.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/Teetu5rGhfo" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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I'm headed up to Peterpalooza with this thing later this week. Going to do a bit of a leapfrog thing, home-AVL today, AVL-Hurdle Mills (Kyle's place) on Thursday, Hurdle Mills-Cape May on Friday.

Picking up a pair of front tires in Asheville on Thursday and getting them mounted either there or Kyle's, depending on whether they give me grief about the adapters, seems like a lot of places really don't like that.


Some cool company at the airport:

Took the long way up to Peter's last weekend, and the car did great. I'll post some more pics when I have more time.

It's currently parked at the PHL waiting for me to return this Saturday and drive it home Sunday.



I'm not going to post more pics because I'm lazy. I will say that I drove just over 1,500 miles to get there and back with absolutely zero issues other than some tailbone pain since I can't really shift around in these seats very much.

Not a whole lot to report, made the trip down to SE and back this past weekend, it was this car's first time at SE since 2014. Nuts.

On the way down, we noticed a clunk in the front end when you turned the wheel if the car was stationary. We suspected the nuts on the steering rack ubolts had loosened up a bit. Threw it up on the lift at Kenny's to snug those up, and Derrick noticed a crack in the transmission crossmember, so I buzzed that back together with a little flat bar reinforcement.

Then it was off to the track for three passes, my best being a 13.8 @105, and Sam drove it to a 13.7 @104. That's probably about all it had in the tank without better tires. Fine by me.

I did notice a popping sound had started on Sunday when I was leaving stoplights. Drove it the 4.5 hours home and took a look to find a missing torque rod bolt. Guess the axle hop loosened that up at the track.

Anyhow, another SE in the books. Great success.