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Jesse's 945 Turbo

I'm going to be moving sometime soon. So last night I quickly reverted the rear suspension back to stock. That way I can take advantage of this cars hauling capacity to help with the move. Debating whether or not I should do the front too and go back to grandpa spec suspension for a more functional, comfortable ride. I've got a complete set of front struts that I was hoping to modify to lift the car.

Great looking wagon!


Here's the CD009 I ended up picking up. It's out of an 06 G35 Rev up edition with 167,000kms on it.





I also didn't notice until I got home that its got a B&M short shifter kit. Hoping I can continue to use this, but that will depend on what I do about the shifter relocation


Next up I will be hitting up Deeworks and Yoshi fab for the remaining pieces. The actual swap is going to have to wait until spring when the weather is bearable again.
Best of luck on the swap!

Thanks, I'm going to need it!

Very interested in how the CD009 swap goes and how you like it.

I am too! It's been the #1 mod I've wanted to do for the last 2+ years, but I've put it off because of the cost and complexity. This past year I didn't drive the car nearly as much as I would have liked to because the auto trans hasn't sounded the healthiest. So I think it's the perfect time to do it. The new trans should give me a little more confidence for doing long trips while simultaneously making it more fun to drive.
Honey I Shrunk the Car!


Found an 850 Hot Wheels while grocery shopping and though it would be a fun little project to make into a mini version of my car. It's real hard doing the masking on something this small.

I've finally gathered all the necessary parts to complete my CD009 swap. Started the swap this weekend by getting the Clutch peddle, smaller brake peddle and clutch master cylinder in. What a back breaking job that was... Even with the drivers seat out it was a major experiment in contortionism to get the old peddle out and the new ones in.

But alas, it is complete. Hopefully for good


We'll see how many more days it is before My back no longer feels like beef jerky.
This weekends CD009 swap progress





Was hoping to also get my SerialNine shifter on too, but I just could not get the stock shifter mechanism off. My dad and I were working at it for well over an hour before we had to call it quits for the day.
I've continued slowly working away on on weekends getting everything ready for the Trans swap. Here is some of my Progress.

SerialNine CD999 Shifter Installed. It feels so crisp and mechanical, really can't wait to use it.

Threw together an adapter to mount the CD009 to an M46 cross member. The overall design was essentially dictated by the scraps of steel I had laying around. I like to be resourceful.

Roughed out and gobbed together with my incompetent booger welds


Primed, and painted... I ran out of Black. So again, being resourceful and using what I had on hand.

The finished Product

There was a crack running all the way through the mount for the slave cylinder. This was something that worried me a bit so just to be safe I patched it up with some JB Weld


I didn't get a great photo of the final result, but it is much better now

At this point I've done just about all I can do to be ready to complete the swap. The plan is to complete it next weekend. :x: Hoping it all goes to plan. I have 2 close buddies that will be coming by to help so it should be a good day overall.

Also the poor car was filthy, so a quick wash was in order


Hey man, love the build. It's amazing how many similarities there are between our cars and what we've done to them (both good and bad). You may have inspired me to start my own thread. I'm currently going through a CD009 swap myself and was wondering, what clutch setup have you decided to use?
Hey man, love the build. It's amazing how many similarities there are between our cars and what we've done to them (both good and bad). You may have inspired me to start my own thread. I'm currently going through a CD009 swap myself and was wondering, what clutch setup have you decided to use?

I would love to see your build. Get a build thread started. I love having one just to be able to go back in time and see all the progress I've made.

I am quite literally in the middle of my CD009 swap. The AW71 is out and the CD009 is ready to go in. Just deciding whether I want to continue struggling with the swap in my driveway or take it to a shop to have completed. I am also dealing with some fitment issues with the "7/9 Series CD009 Front Driveshaft" from Yoshifab.

I splurged a bit and went with the clutch and flywheel setup from Yoshifab. I cant currently comment on how it performs, but I appears to be a pretty good quality set up.
I am also dealing with some fitment issues with the "7/9 Series CD009 Front Driveshaft" from Yoshifab.

What kind of firmest issues are you running into? I?m having a local fabrication shop splice a Nissan shaft and my Volvo driveshaft together. How long is the yoshifab driveshaft?

I think once I collect all my parts I?ll take a bunch of pictures of me assembling things together and start a thread with that.
What kind of firmest issues are you running into? I?m having a local fabrication shop splice a Nissan shaft and my Volvo driveshaft together. How long is the yoshifab driveshaft?

The slip joint is just a hair too big on the side that is supposed to match with the back half of the Volvo driveshaft. I'll have to get back to you on the length.

I'd definitely recommend going to the local shop for the drive shaft, you'll save some money for sure.
Sorry to hear that, I hope Josh and you can work something out. I?d really appreciate any info you can get me on that shaft length, that would give me a starting point to measure from to find my own fitment. I hope everything is going well otherwise!
I thought it was about time I updated this thread.

The last year has been spent trying to get the car running and back on the road since starting the trans swap. There were many snags along the way, mostly caused by my lack of experience and wanting to figure things out by myself.

This is June 12, 2021. The weekend I was going to get the whole swap complete. I had all the parts ready to go, all I had to do was pull the old AW71 and toss in the shiny new Manual CD009. I had two buddies over to help out, one of them is the owner of the jeep parked behind my car. It's basically a monster truck at this point being on its 40" tires. He has some new headlights he wanted to install. They had even less of an idea as to how to go about swapping a trans than I did. Never the less it was great having them there to help.


Here I am taking advantage of my strut brace to support me in accessing the bellhousing bolts

In the stressful process of pulling the old trans I didn't do much documenting with photos

But here is the CD009 all bolted in. The first time (Haha Foreshadowing) I put it in I struggled for so long to get the engine and trans colinear so that they would mate. I ended up getting pretty good at this. Note the utilization of safety twine. I did have a ratchet strap that I was using.




It took me a few days to finally get to this point but I was very glad to have the hard part finished. :rofl:

Now for all the problems.

First off, the splines on the driveshaft I bought from Yoshifab did not fit with my rear half. The tolerance was way too tight to slide on and in process of trying to get the two halves together I smashed my index finger with a very heavy hammer blow. To this day the finger still doesn't feel right.


Mr. Yoshifab didn't seem to have any interest in helping me out the the poorly fitting product he sent me. Apparently he tests them all for this exact issue before selling them. Ultimately I had to take it to a transmission shop to pay them to shave down the spline so that it would fit.

Heres the length of the driveshaft needed to put a CD009 in a 740 or 940 for anyone who needs it



With the driveshaft in I was all ready to do my first tests of my now manual brick. At this point I think it was well into August. My time to work on the car was pretty limited, so progress was very slow.

More to come.
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So once I went about trying to start the car, it wouldn't. I pretty quickly figured out I forgot to put the Crank position sensor back in. I had JB welded the Bracket for it back together because I had broken it in the process of taking the old trans out. Therefore I had forgotten about it as it was drying in a vice. I went to go put it in and realized the trans had to be out to install it. Typically you only have to pull that trans out part way, but I had also totally over looked the fact that the bellhousing I had was not from an LH2.4 car so it didn't even have the cut out for it. So the whole trans had to come all the way out so I could take an angle grinder to it.

I set my self a goal of doing this in under 3 hours. Keep in mind I am doing this in a driveway.

I got the trans out in just under an hour

Made the cut.

I wasn't in the mood to do it nicely

And got it all back in. All said and done it was just abut 3 hours.

Went to try starting the car again.. Still nothing. It sounded like it was out of time. Checked the timing on the timing belt. I was fine. I soon realized I hadn't put the flywheel on in the right orientation... So once again the trans needed to come back out.

I got the flywheel on right and the car was still struggling to start. Some troubleshooting led me to notice the there was no signal coming from the crank position sensor. Bought a new one replaced it and still nothing. Turns out the jb weld I used to fix the CPS bracket was metal based and was therefore messing with the magnetic CPS.

At this point I was getting fed up and the weather was starting to get cold so I stated putting progress off until the new year when it was warmer.

I had also in the process of all this managed to put a leak in my radiator and my steel coolant line had rusted through.


I took the winter to gather all the parts to fix these as well as the parts needed do a full rebuild on the exhaust side of the engine. The exhaust manifold and everything was going to have to come off to fix the coolant line anyways.
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We're now into spring 2022, I'm super antsy about wanting to get my car back on the road. I've got all the part ready to get this new CPS bracket in and replace the rad and coolant line.

My dad even made me these sweet car stands

After replacing the CPS bracket I went to see if I could get the car to start before ripping into the cooling system stuff. I spent a lot time and still was unsuccessful in getting it to start.

Naturally I went into tearing everything apart.


Turns out the Stainless coolant line I excitedly order on sale from STS was for an NA car. An oem Volvo one was promptly ordered

If you look closely you may see something wrong

A little closer

That's right, two broken exhaust studs in the head. I only did one of these, the one on the right has been broken since before I got the car.

Oh and look. One also broke off in the back of the turbo. This is it after I broke 2 drill bits, 3 ****ty extractors and a torx bit inside of it trying to get it out.

I also made a valiant effort trying to get the studs out of the head

Don't Ask. They were all unsuccessful

Rather than deal with the problems I had created, I bought an overpriced ebay turbo that would bolt right in and began putting everything back together.



The Chinabay turbo had it's own problems of course.

I wasn't going to let some broken studs hold me back from driving my car...

All back together
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