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JimboMeet 2023


Stößelstange über alles
Oct 12, 2016
Aight, so after a bit of discussion, I think this year is gonna be the pilot year for JimboMeet.

Date is TBD right now, but leaning towards sometime in July or maybe the weekend of Roadkill Nights (August 13) on Woodward Ave. @mikep @propav8r if one of yall are feeling inspired, can we please get a poll up in here?

This will be a weekend event with pretty much no structure other than meats on the grille on Saturday night. Maybe I'll scumbag a local friend to setup a low key C&C that we can all crash.

(thanks for the rules Jared/Kenny)

I've never been to JimboMeet before. What does it cost?

Choose your own adventure. Maybe I'll buy a grill by then and we can barbecue Friday/Saturday night, but as of right now I'm not planning any kind of structured meals or events considering proximity to civilization.

I want to fly in, how do I do that?

DTW is your best bet. It's about 35 minutes away by car from my house.

Where is it?

Farmington Hills, MI (chateau de Jimbo).

Where am I staying?

I've got a decent backyard for some camping. There's hotels of varying quality nearby, and also space on the floor and couch in the house. Deal with my cat at your own risk.

What's the plan?

Whatever you want. I will probably be sitting in the garage all day drinking beer and shooting the shit. There are tons of Cars and Coffee-like events nearby that never cease to deliver on weird and unique stuff, along with your regular 911 and 392 fare.


Don't do anything stupid.

Don't be a dick.

If you're gonna smoke, just do it outside the house.

The Fine Print

1: A note on attendance: If you plan on coming, have the courtesy to let me know in the thread. As a general rule, if we've met before and are cool, come on out. If we haven't met, just shoot me a PM and let me know you'd like to come. I try to open my events to everyone, but see #4 if there are any questions.

2: Do not arrive before say 4pm on Friday (subject to change, may be able to WFH that day).

3: Bring enough 'stuff' (clothes, swimsuit, towel, bath accouterments) for the weekend and some emergencies.

4: I reserve the right to throw your ass out, don't try me. Please don't. Quickest way to get tossed: jeopardize my security deposit.

5: Bring more money than you "think" you'll need. Incidentals are a bitch.

6: Don't make it everyone's problem if you choose to bring a marginal vehicle. In general, just be prepared to self rescue. I have tools, but in no capacity can guarantee that my garage will have room to host your hoopty repairs. The good news is there's a regional UHaul dealer just down the street.

7: If you're unsure about something, bring a spare. If you're planning on driving your car home and you've got an M46, bring a spare or tow your car. Insert other parts where needed. Bring sufficient equipment to repair whatever you think you'll need to repair. Refer to the marginal vehicle paragraph above. Volvo shit is scarce in MI unless you know the right people, which I kinda do.

8: Not 21? Don't drink. Yeah, I know, laaaame. But in the unlikely event we do attract unwanted attention, I don't want to have to deal with some drunk 18 year old landing me in jail.
Roadkill nights? I need to look that up.
We still have no poll option, but if everyone starts their post with “july” or “aug” that would work.
There is a close to 0% chance I make it out this year, but I hope this goes well and is continued (and I can go) in the future
Aw shit!

I'll make an effort to be there for whatever dates you pick, just do what's convenient and I'll clear my schedule.