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K-jet.org website down - collecting info to move to alternate web address.

Ah, fudge and apologies for not checking back.
So... the link is fine but posting it as a link here adds a www. which then invalidates it.
I have unlinked it. Please copy it into a new browser tab, or directly into the torrent application of your liking (which is needed regardless)

I just checked plustransfer - the upload would expire in 2-3weeks time and the kjet file is over 5GB

Yes i verify this is working now thanks!

Edit.. downloaded it however it shows lots of checksum errors when decompressing. Is it the case with the original file as well ?

Edit 2: Downloaded it again and woks fine this time ! Will be seeding as well !
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Can anybody tell me if the k-jet website or files are still available for download somewhere?

I recently came across a pretty cool site, called https://annas-archive.org/ dedicated to preserving and allowing access to all knowledge of humanity. I'm not sure what's involved, but Greenbooks definitely feel like they should be added there, if someone wants a project.