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KwikBrik245's Twin Turbo LS1 '88 744 REbuild: Damaged Goods

Something about a bowtie powered Ford that gets me excited lol.
Took the car to work yesterday and most of t went well. I got the oil leaks down from 2qts/10mi to 2qts/100mi. Some guy in a Tesla was camping in the left lane on autopilot, playing with his laptop. then he set it down and scooted. Now I know my car isn't slow, but I was pleasantly surprised with staying on his ass. Shortly after my idle decided it wants to stay at 2k. IAC on its way, if it doesn't fix it I will have a spare. $150 aftermarket @ local parts store, or $52 for Genuine GM from amazon.... What has this world come to?!

eerrrrr I need to see if I got any. I think I do.

ah yeah


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As I promised to the lady. Race car, Ring, Race Cars (maybe this should come after the house), House. Now that this big purchase is out of the way, this build should continue on it's course.

Wish me luck folks, and Merry Christmas!


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Thank you all for the love. She said yes :cool:
Got to work on the car a bit over the weekend and now I have a functional Catch Can/PCV system which solved my Oil dispersion problem lol. Instead of 2qts in 100mi, the catch can separated maybe 2oz of oil/combustion. Boost gauges hooked up and I am running 14psi on springs w/o vac line hooked up. :omg::omg: I thought she was a bit spicier than I remembered :rofl:

So I have a list of cars I see on the road that I intend to beat (The Hit List), well Sunday I got my first chance. BMW 1M Lic. Plate: "1M SORRY". I was about to get off at my exit and the kid flew by me so I gracefully got back on the freeway and caught up to him at the next offramp. Light turned green and he 60' me, but by 300' I was neck and neck with him, by probably 660' I was a few cars ahead, and buses by the next light. I gotta say, I am very pleased with my car and a little even with myself. 1M SORRY smoked by WRECKIT. I hope Ralph was up there watching those bald eagles scream.

Wow Mike!
Good luck and merry christmas man!

Congratulations man, have a nice Christmas!

Congratulations Mike!!!



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Last night the fianc? and I attended the United Manual Transmission Racers '21 Awards banquet and '22 Driver's meeting. We had a great time and met lots of great people. The 740 will be running in their Street Stick class (11.50-17.99et), they also have a Quick Stick class (7.50-11.99). Since this is bracket racing and I am still dialing the car in, I will be turning it down and throwing on 245s over the current 225 tires. Ideally I limit breakage and can figure the car out. I also registered my 6spd Sonic turbo as a backup car in case something happens with the 740 and I wont lose out on points and could very unlikely pull out an event win lol.

I also won a sweet Summit Racing bladder buster :cool: haha


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Wow, I didn't realize until today that I haven't posted any updates for awhile. I left my diesel shop of 4 years in March for a tanker trucking co. a little closer to home. I love it there. The culture and team mentality were just what I needed to move forward in life. Also the owner of the company recently purchased my home drag strip. The track is still under construction and the dates keep getting pushed back. The owner and track manager gave me a tour and a couple runs to test the new shutdown area day before yesterday. I must say, it felt sooo good to be the first person to make a test pass since last season. I also laid more than a few tracks on the new asphalt for the return road. The return road will also double as a uphill semi drag strip since the owner of my work is big into truck racing.

I have some updates for the car as well but I will make a second post for those shortly after posting about work and new track improvement pics. My passes weren't timed and the track has ZERO rubber on it since they scrapped it before starting construction. let me tell you... The streets have way more traction than this strip right now, but I still managed to hit 108mph on some 225/50zr16 all seasons. :cool:

Formerly Thompson Raceway Park, Thompson OH.

Now Kuhnle Motorsports Park.


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Here is the car update I mentioned earlier.

March 31st was my Dyno tuning day. Everything went well and the mar made 603whp and 525ft/lbs @10psi. I have been driving it as much as I can but am still working out a bunch of things. Main issue is I seem to have some binding between my flywheel and input shaft. Once I get that figured out and get some tires under it, I'll be in great shape. Also I scored some nice DOT legal LED sealed beam setups through work.

A little semi truck burnout when I was leaving work.



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1st official times on the new build.

So, Wednesday Mother Nature and my schedule finally allowed me to make some timed passes in the car. Car ran great, I solved my smoking from the exhaust (oil restrictor size), nothing broke, and my face is still sore from smiling. :)

I had some new 225/50r16 Hankook Ventus2s put on and I am pretty impressed at the traction they actually have being a mediocre all-season tire. I launched in 2nd and spun a small amount, but 3rd & 4th were full throttle with ZERO spin. My fastest time was with a passenger, so high 11's are very doable with the current setup. 10s with some Mickey Ts and some seat time shouldn't be hard either.


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You say launching, but the 2.18 60' says "setting off nice and gentle" :rofl:

That MPH is some serious ****. Congrats!
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Wow, it's been 6 months since my last post. I've done a few things to the car since my last update. Nothing too crazy though. This race season was a blast and the improvements at my home track are awesome. I still love working for the owner of the track in the diesel shop as well.

In August I pulled the t56 out and sent it off to Texas Drivetrain Performance and had them give it the lvl2 treatment and add oil sprayers to hopefully avoid smoking another input shaft. Their service and turnaround time was unbelievable (10 business days round trip from OH) and they had a shipper at my shop within 3hrs of contacting them. I cheaped out on the clutch again and it is already messed up lol. So I will be sourcing a nice twin disc setup before next season. I made up a brace for my rear subframe since I don't want to bend up another BNE unit.

I was hoping to get into the 11's with the car on all seasons but my 12.02" ET was my best for the season. I did however manage to set a new MPH record for the car. from 128mph to 130.1mph. I haven't turned the car up at all, since there is so much left on the table in terms of suspension and tires. I will also be upgrading to 302mm brakes, I may go bigger if I decide to pull the trigger on bigger wheels. The Dana 30 is still in one piece and the engine is running amazing. I will be moving my IAT sensor as it currently shrouded by the throttle body. I also need to finish my boost controller and 2-step install.

Next season will be insane. Kuhnle Motorsports Park is the 2nd Quebec style uphill race track in the US. We will be hosting a 3 day semi racing event. Loaded and Bobtail racing. The uphill track is part of the return road so the drag strip will be shut down during the truck races, but it will be 3 days of racing. That is when I'm planning on getting into the mid 11's. I will also be working on our race trucks so I'm interested to see how well I can budget my time.

Anyways, that is about all I have for now. Happy holidays!


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