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Kyle's orphan 220 amazon wagon

Yeah it's been a long journey with this one. Here's to actually working on it in the future and maybe even an interior? That would be unheard of
Dialing on this thing for mountain meet. Really all it needed was the trans re shimmed and installed. I think it was out from the trans adapter being off center a little bit, but I got that dialed in pretty damn close. I swapped out the counter shaft retainer with a billet unit, re shimmed both the counter shaft and the main shaft, and swapped in a steel input shaft retainer. It seems to shift a lot cleaner at high engine speed vs how it did before, as well as having a little less nvh at 6k+ rpm. I mean it's still a t5 but it ain't bad.

Apart from that I've just kinda checked bolt tightness around the whole car, and put a good half turn on some pretty needed front suspension bolts. They're all nylock but still, some had pulled back a little bit.

Final thing this go round is going to be balance the tires again, and I'd really love to wire up my fog/spot light. We'll see on that one.